Does a passport allow you to stay up to three months in another country?

Does a passport allow you to stay up to three months in another country then do you have to leave that country when you hit three months

A passport allows you to leave your country and enter your country, and that’s it.
Whether you may travel to other countries and how long you may stay is dependend upon bilateral consultations of diplomats of the countries.
To some countries may be traveled without a visa, others offer visas at their borders, and others require a prior visa application at the consulates.
So your questions cannot be answered in general unless you specify the nationality of your passport and to where you want to travel.

As an example I use the U.S. passport.
A passport holder may travel visa free to the United Kingdom for six months, to Ireland for three months, to South Korea for 30 days,
to the 24 European countries forming the Schengen agreement all together for 90 days.
For a visit to Turkey for up to 3 month a visa is required which can be obtained at the Turkish border for US$20 or EUR€15.
For Australia you need an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) which must be obtained trough travel agents or on the internet two weeks before travel, it costs a service charge of AUS$20.
For Brazil you would have to apply for a visa prior to travel at the embassy and pay a visa fee of US$130.


No. A Passport identifies you as a national of a country. It is the visa that allows you to stay in a foreign land for a certain amount of time. It also depends on the passport you are holding IF a certain country will let you in visa free for a certain period of time.

not just any passport.if your country is within the visa waiver program? then you can go to the countries within the visa program up to 3 months visa free,
Andorra Hungary New Zealand
Australia Iceland Norway
Austria Ireland Portugal
Belgium Italy Republic of Korea
Brunei Japan San Marino
Czech Republic Latvia Singapore
Denmark Liechtenstein Slovakia
Estonia Lithuania Slovenia
Finland Luxembourg Spain
France Monaco Sweden
Germany the Netherlands Switzerland
United Kingdom
if you ask for a visa? the normal stay is 3 months and you have to leave the country.

You are allowed to stay 90 days, under visa waiver agreement. Any extended stay, is viewed as &quot:overstay&quot: and there are consequences like you might be questioned at the passport control or when you come back to EU, you will be questioned. If you are staying more than 90 days, i suggest to better apply for Residence Permit in that country. Contact your US embassy and they should be able to help you out. I suggest dont take any chances with over stay.

Here is how it works, you travel to another country they stamp your passport with a visa and on that visa it will tell you how long you can stay in that country. You can go to the Dept. Of Immigration in that country and fill out an Application for Extension and pay a fee and then wait for your confirmation and they will stamp your passport with a new date on the new visa. Hope that answers your question and helps you in your travels

That maybe the case for some countries, but each country has their own requirements and rules. Many require that you get a visa ahead of time or they will not even let you in.

I believe that’s what a visa is for: a passport permits you to travel to other countries.

People do not have to go to another country unless they want to 🙂

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