How can I stop my dogs from peeing EVERWHERE in my house?

I’m a college junior and am living at home to help my parents financially. The problem is that one of the reasons i wanted to leave the house is that it is filthy and filled with dog urine. All the carpets in the house are stained different shades of yellow, and its gross to walk on. I always wear socks. Even the fake wood floors we installed are warping. We have five dogs, all dachshunds, all male. Two are neutered and old, both who I don’t think are the problem, although they do poo on the floor every so often. The problem is the other three. They aren’t neutered, and my mom says its too late to do it as it wouldn’t make a difference. The oldestis about 5 years old, and is the worst. Sometimes he refuses to go outside. One of the others is his son, 3 years, and the third isn’t related, 1 or 2. My mom won’t neuter them. Is there anything I could do? I’d like to replace the carpets without having the new ones peed on.

1) DO NOT waste money on a shock collar. This is the worst think for you, your parents, and the dogs. At best you will train your dogs to not pee in front of you, which means they will go behind the couch, or to another room.

2) Try to sit down and calmly explain to your parents that this is unhealthy for you and the dogs. See if you can’t get your parents to give up 2-3 of the dogs. They are not failures if they give up dogs to a rescue. In fact they will be doing what is best for themselves and the dogs.
Coast to Coast Dachshund resuce is a good place.
http://www.c2cdr.org/ The dogs will go to a foster home, not a kennel. They will be housebroken and then give to families that are prescreen. It is a good thing.

3. Get some baby gates. These dogs need to not have access to the whole house. Put them in a kitchen or atleast they have to be in the same room that you are in. Obvioulsy you have to do a lot of this on your own because your parents aren’t. Watch for signs out of the corner of your eye, like sniffing around. Move the dog outside to potty. Praise like crazy and give a good food treat when then potty outside.

In each room that they are in, put down pee pads. There are scented ones, that make the dogs want to pee on them. Praise them when they pee on the pee pad and give them a treat.

4. Get them fixed. This will only help matters. They NEED to be fixed.

5. Do you have a fenced in yard? If yes, and I hope you do. put the dogs out every half hour for the next week. When then pee or poop outside praise them and give them a treat. The next week go outside every 1 hour and again give them a treat.

6. Rent a carpet cleaner and get gallons and gallons of one of the many pet stain removers that have enzymes. There are some that can go in carpet machines. Clean rugs as best you can in areas that they dogs are now not allowed to go in. You may have to do this weekly for awhile until the stains and orders are gone. Mist them daily for about a week with a pet enzyme stain/ order remover. This will help get the order out at least to some degree as you are helping them to get house broken.

7. Crate train the dogs. Seriouly get 5 crates and crate the dogs at night or when nobody is home. here is page on how to crate train a puppy, it is about the same for a doghttp://www.inch.com/~dogs/cratetraining….
They will cry the frist few night crateing them, just ignor them. The worst thing you can do is let them out. It is just heart wrenching, but if they are ignored for a few nights they will be quiet. Ideally these crates should be in the same room that the dogs are baby gated in most of the time. That way they always have their own den.

8. Take dogs on a two walks a day if possible. It does not need to be more that 20 -30 min. Bring pastic bags to collect the poop. Walk makes dogs poop. It is an easy way to get them to go. Male dogs will pee a lot when outside. Praise them and give them a treat everytime. Make it a family time to walk the dogs. With 5 dogs (hopefully less) you will need more than one person. Especially at first. Look at your pet store for a thing that attaches to your leash that allows you to walk 2 -3 dogs with one lease. You may need no pull harnesses on these dogs if they have not been taught to walk nicely on a leash.

Here is another site on house breaking an adult dog

Sorry to say but the long and short of it is this is a big project, but it has to been done. With less dogs it will be much easier.

Good luck to you.

you need to do some crate training, and you should have the dogs neutered. While it is true that the dogs are getting older and are establishing habits, the long-term effects of neutering are obvious. Your situation is especially difficult because as long as one marks, the others are more likely to do it as well. The balance in your home is also off–I would never recommend keeping 5 dogs (illegal in most counties that I know of) and I would certainly not suggest that they all be males. I know full well the desire to rescue animals, but this should only be done if the animals are being taken care of. It sounds like you live in a very unhealthy home, and I encourage you to get professional help with potty training your dogs (it sounds like you and your family are in over your heads). There are some trainers that will take the dogs into their own homes and work with them.

Edit: Keeping the dogs chained to dog houses for the remainder of their lives is cruel and illegal. It’s not the dogs’ fault that they are untrained! Take that route if you enjoy jail, because there are tons of organizations out there that make it their job to find neglectful and abusive owners and prosecute them (not that you would ever do that, Horizon)

Do they intake more water now that it is summer?? That may be the cause. Take both dogs out to go potty more often because they are drinking more water now that it’s summer. By taking them out more it will insure that your Pom/poodle/peke dog has an empty bladder and wont pee on your bed and your Besenji most likely wont be going as long because his bladder wont be so full. It really doesn’t sound like anything serious but if your really concerned having them examined by a vet wont hurt anything. It may give you a peace of mind knowing that they are OK. Good luck

You may neuter dogs at any age. The older they get the more chance of them getting testicular cancer. As for the urinating in the house it is because they have not been told no on a consistant basis. Do you have a fenced yard where they can go on their own? With any dog or dogs, it is important to keep the yard clean of feces. If you let them out on a regular schedule, they should not have a reason to go in the house. You stated that one refuses to go out sometimes…well who is the boss the dogs or you? If you step up and take a leadership role (and be consistant in it) things will change.

I have been a Real Estate Appraiser for 20 years and ran into houses like yours occasionally. Their value was heavily discounted due to unsanitary and unsafe damage by pets. It is obvious that the animals control your home. Get them dog houses and keep them outside. permanently. Chain them to the dog house so they don’t rip up your doors. Then do a full clean up on your house. It will pay in the long run and you will have a happier and cleaner home. Hey, The dogs aren’t gone. You can see and play with them any time you want. You have just finally given them their own rooms. Any 5 year old kid would be happy to have their own room. The dogs will ***** a little but get used to it.
You will find that they won’t pee in their own houses, only yours.

you need 2 buy 1 of those shock collars, they’re not cruel… it just gives them a little jolt….every time u see them start 2 pee on the floor shock ’em!! good luck

p.s. i have 1 4 my dog and it works really good!

they are not too old. get them neutered. if your parents dont believe you any vet will tell them the same thing. if they wont pay for it most human societies will do it for 40 dollars.

Try taking him outside once in awhile…

the only good way is to potty trrain them when they are puppies!!

good luck!!

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