bought car from private seller who lied?

so i bought this car from a private seller
i have a document sayig that all new parts of the engine were new in february
after a week the head casket broke which will cost ВЈ700 for the job more than half of what the car cost
i rung him up and he was saying they were new when they were fitted this is complete bullshit i have the piece of paper sayig they were new and when contacting the enginner who suppsodly done the work he claims he done it 3 years ago,
im a single mother of 5 with all my money been taken and hes refusen to give me a refund
do i have a legal case and how would i go about this?

Also send him a certified letter Demanding Payment from him by a certain date, After that date passes…go to clerk of courts and file the small claims suit. Keep ALL proof you have

Dont think there is much you can do,but if your problem is the front wheel bearings then 700 dollars is insane. You can purchase them at advance auto for under 140 dollars apiece. So I would check around before I settle on that price. This is not a knock but if you are listening to a mopar(dodge) mechanic then you are going to pay top dollar. After market is always more reasonably priced, and most…I said most of the time not all a better route to pursue. Just my opinion.

In most instances, a private sale doesn’t give you much wiggle room, but in this case, it sounds like the seller misrepresented the work done and as such has actually defrauded you out of your money.
Contact a lawyer and get some advice as to what options you may have.
Be sure to keep all of your documentation and notes to prove your case.

yes. call him back and tell him if he doesn’t pay you for it that you are going to take him to small claims court and he will have to not only pay for the head gasket but also your court costs and that you will also sue for time off work. so it will cost him way more if he doesn’t pay you now.

just go down to the court house where you live and file a small claims suit. you may even be able to do this online.

he is screwed, especially if you have paperwork saying it was new.

yea you do have a legal case i would suggest taking action becasue he shouldint lie about something like that and you got to becareful who you buy it from

take him to court hes a jerk

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