American Christians: Have we really rid the country of all sin except for two?

All I hear from the church and in the media are two things: homosexuality and abortion. Leading me to believe one of two things: either A. We’ve rid our country of every other violation against God., or B. We’ve decided for God what sins are greater and which are acceptable. While we protest and rally against homosexuality and abortion, why not start in front of divorce lawyers offices? In front of churches that have the American Flag hanging (contrary to popular belief, patriotism is idolatry, the flag is an idol)? Against having In God We Trust printed on our filthy money between two masonic seals and on the opposite side of the image of a dead man (taking the name of the Lord in vain)? Against being called a Christian country (also taking the name of the Lord in vain, claiming that all the atrocities we’re responsible for are ordained by God). By doing so, we’re singling out only a few, and being tolerant of so many more. Remember that the bible tells us that sin is sin, and the wages of sin is death, so if we chose to stand, it’s all or nothing. I’m primarily encouraging us to review our compromises, and point at our own sins as much as those we don’t part-take in. God bless and keep you all, and I take no offense to what ever answers may befall me.

Great point….. God is not into the secular business of governments, etc….. He is however into the business of rather we, as His children, worship Him and praise Him in and of all things…. I do not worry about all that stuff, the stuff you name and or mention, I PRAY and PRAY some more…. I ask God to keep His children hidden FROM evil, and to NOT partake of it….. Everything that is going on in this world, NOT just here in our country, is all part of what MUST happen…. So to even think that protesting against it will do any good is absolutely ridicules ….Like some have said on here, in response to another question, it only draws attention and gives it free advertisement…..God is the ONLY thing we should be giving free advertisement to… go in peace…. God bless

I personally am against homosexuality, but that is a &quot:hot-button issue&quot: these days, what with the legal marriages, in some states. I don’t agree with it, partly because I don’t fully understand it, and partly because I DON’T WANT to fully understand it. And I don’t like when some people feel it’s their business to stress on me the fact that my mind should be &quot:more open to the possibility&quot:. GO AWAY !!!

Abortion is another thing, altogether. It’s my understanding that certain religions regard this as a major sin, because it is &quot:playing God&quot: and &quot:killing a life&quot:. I’m on the side of the mother. There are several girls and women that when they find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy, they also get a very harsh reality check !! Some of us are stronger than others…. I don’t believe the weaker ones should have to carry to term, just because that’s what certain religions demand. Those religious leaders are not providing full financial support, for these mothers and infants, and the mothers should be the ones to decide !!

As a USA citizen, we have not gotten rid of any sin, We are a nation just as any other nations, we have Good people &amp: we have bad people, That is why we have policemans on patrol, they are not out to get you, but to protect you &amp: someone family from a drunk drivers. But we may have less sin then many countires. America is NOT perfect, but don’t ever come over here thinking you can out run our police cars, Here in Indiana they take thos police cars rather mark police cars or unmarked police cars, &amp: they test drive them to see how fast they can go, The marked police cars &amp: the unmarked police cars can well run over 160 MPH We even have unmarked Mustang cars that has out run many of your muscle cars

2 Chronicles 7:14 for starters.

We are very far from ridding the country of all sin, except two…and the two you mention are not even sins!

You bring up great points. The media is not a spokesman for Christianity. The only person we listen to is the High Priest.

I don’t believe it is a Christian job to &quot:rid the country&quot: of any sin.

No you have still got a long way to go yet. Why are you worried about your own country you haven’t finished interfering in other peoples yet have you?

Since your premise is false, I did not read your letter. All the sins encompassed by the Decalogue are still being committed. Too, in the Catholic Church, they are still being preached against.

We can never rid anything or anyone from all sin entirely. We don’t &quot:rid&quot: anyone- that’s their choice.

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