A debate question to everyone: Why do we insignificant humans think we are significant in the universe?

Read the following before answering..

The vast majority of us humans are so incredibly vain when it comes it comes to thinking we know the workings of the universe, and our understanding of it. (My question is at the bottom, read please first)

Think about it – The Earth is so infinitesimally small compared to the universe that we are like a tiny drop of water out of all seven oceans, and humans are so extremely insignificant and minuscule in the hundreds of trillions of stars and galaxies that are millions of lightyears away that we are as insignificant as one bacterium in a planet thousand times the size of this one – yet we still claim that God made us in his image, that we are the center of Gods attention, and that we are oh so important in this world, and that we know exactly what happens after we die. We know nothing of the universe around us, except within in our galaxy and a few beyond, yet we have the audacity and arrogance to claim that we are so incredibly special and unique. Laughable.

We tend to think animals are beneath us, that we are dominant, that God has vested such a special interest in us that he looks over us and punishes us for misbehavior.

Almost all religions have one similar premise: that we as humans are for some reason endowed with an afterlife or with rebirth. The three Abrahamic faiths – Christianity, Islam, and Judaism – all claim that their is an after life. Hinduism states that their is reincarnation, and that after reaching a higher state you eventually attain moksha. Buddhism states a similar concept to Hinduism, where you attain nirvana.

Haven’t people realized that the only reason religion was created was to rationalize our fear of death, our fear of the unknown? Instead of confronting the fact that we might just cease to exist when we die, our ancestors created fairytales just to rationalize our fear of death, as well as comfort us by making it seem as if we are so special?

I’m an agnostic. I don’t claim to know whether there is a god or not, but when someone suggests that humans are so endowed and special, I find it incredibly naive and vain.

My question to you is this: Why do you think we humans are so special in this infinitely growing and infinitely large universe? We are smaller than the smallest of organisms compared to the unmeasurable universe, so why do you insist God vests so much interest and care into us? What makes us special?

Don’t quote some verse from some holy book, or say God has touched my life, or some nonsense like that. I want cold, hard facts, which is what I have presented you.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

I read your post. I see no &quot:cold hard facts&quot: to debate. Thanks.

I don’t think I am significant and I’m ok with that. 🙂

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