12 hour car ride at 29 weeks pregnant?

in a little over 2 weeks my husband 20 months old and my self will be taking a trip down to Miami Fl. to visit all our family. We havent seen them in 9 months since we moved to North Carolina. We will be driving mainly because i was advised not to fly after 5 months pregnant plus its cheaper to drive and im scared of flying. well the car ride is 12 hours but with a toddler that can be turned into a 15 or 16 hour ride. i have never done a car ride of more than 4 hours so was just wondering any tips on a car ride that long while pregnant and with a toddler

I am 28 weeks pregnant and in the pregnancy book I have at home it suggests that you don’t ride in the care for an extended period of time, but I understand that you want to see your family. I would talk to your doctor. He/She will know what is best for you. I believe flying is not an option as you are in your third trimester. Good luck!

This is a continuation to the first response: Also, at 20 weeks preggie, you might be like most of us and accidentally wetting yourself between stops. Make sure to wear and bring panty liners with you, and also a small plastic lidded bottle JUST IN CASE of an accident.

For the toddler, have snacks, stationary games, a pillow and small blanket, toys, and wet wipes. My daughter is 5, and we have been making trips of 4+ hours for about 3 years now, and she does ok. If she goes potty before we get started anywhere, she usually is good to go for at least 4 hours. Also, she has been on a few 8-10 hour flights between Atlanta and London, and she does fine on them. She’s happy so long as she has snacks, one or two toys, and her portable DVD player which I invested in right before her first flight (I found one on Amazon that would last for 6 hours on a full charge), at the time about $250. If you’re going to be making several of these trips, then it might be worth making the investment… you can also get a neat case that can straddle the backs of the front car seats allowing the dvd player to sit in the middle, so your youngest child would be able to watch at a later point, too.

I didn’t really mention, I was about 7 or 8 weeks pregnant when we flew over the last time, so it was definitely uncomfortable sitting still for so long. I wished I had brought a pillow for my back, so add that to your list of must-bring items!! It only gets worse the further along you are!

Make sure you stop every few hours to stretch and walk around a little so you don’t get muscle cramps. Stay hydrated. Bring healthy snacks, like fruit. Basic stuff non-pregnant people should do, too.

i would take the trip at night when its baby bedtime at least most of the trip would be over by the time toddler awakes

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