McCanns – the al Qaeda connection?

I heard someone on the bus say that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s wife were swinging with the McCann’s in Portugal but Gordon found out about it which is why TB was forced to resign to and let Gordon Brown take over as Prime Minister of the UK but it was too late because TB confessed to the catholic priest who now knows what’s going on but is too scared to say anything because the Pope is a friend of the McCann’s and has threatened to have him executed by a hit squad of ex-Nazis living on the Algarve who are being assisted by Robert Murat and the Portuguese head of police who are both Masons and in the same lodge as Richard Branson who has been blackmailed into providing money to the McCann’s which they in turn are using to fund Iraqi insurgency in return for oil contracts from the Iranians who have been getting highly enriched plutonium from the Portuguese government but the sh*t is about to hit the fan because al Qaeda have found out about it

it all now makes perfect sense

must be an accident. what are the odds of 3 big bridges in US collapsing within 4 months? _ Tuesday: A highway overpass under construction in Oroville, California, collapses, crushing a delivery truck and seriously injuring a construction worker who fell 50 feet (15 meters). _ April: A section of freeway that funnels traffic off the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge collapses after a gasoline tanker truck overturns and erupts into flames. Only the truck driver is injured.

Oh and of course whatever you overhear on a bus must be the gospel truth! How kind of you to help spread this nonsense.

I suppose that Gerry orchestrated the attack on the WTC too.

Was this bus real short by any chance??????

lol. If you heard it on the number 36 bus it is probably true however the people on the 119 tend to speculate a bit

Much as I detest the ludicrously insane and hateful theories from certain individuals on Y/A and I know this is what you’re highlighting I think it’s worth remembering one thing, Madeleine.
If her parents detractors want to descend to that level then lets not drag ourselves down there with them.
Point taken,lets leave it at that with the jokes.

That’s a pure dead brilliant theory, so it is Jingo.
That’s the first genuine laugh i’ve had reading a McCann question. Well done, have a star.

wow, well its good to know that there are explanations that the papers havent covered yet out there – hold on i’m phoning the sun, surely we can make some cash out of this insight!

Yes, its as good as some of the Anti-McCann stuff I’ve seen on here and it’s more plausible.

LMAO, you should totally be the next Sherlock Holmes.
Unfortunately i’m young and probably wouldn’t make any sense to me, but it looks unusually complexed and very interesting.
I’ll star it.


A lot more plausible than some of the theories posted on here to date.

Have a star.

It sounds more plausible than the McCanns version of events!!!

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