Is there a maximum limit to the amount of RAM your PC can handle?


Yes, depending on the chipset used (theoretically), and the manufacturer. Read your motherboard user guide to know exactly the maximum RAM of your System.


yes, there is. for the all the 32-bit processors (which is all of them (Core 2, Pentium 4, etc), unless specially labeled) the maximum amount of memory that you can harness to its full, theoretical extent with that processor (assuming that your motherboard can handle all that) is 4 megabytes, i mean gigabytes. beyond that, its not really useful. i dont know for the 64-bit ones, though.


Read the manual for the motherboard if you want to know what the limit actually is.

yes it depends on a combo of your motherboard AND operating system

all 32 bit versions of windows can only support up to 3GB of ram
if you have a 64 bit version, then it alldepends on your motherboard.

Yes it is dependent on how much your Motherboard can handle.

yeppers…you need at least a gig these days..perhaps two..my 7 year old dell was maxed out at 512mb.

yes go to crucial.com and do scan to see how much ram your computer can hold

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