Im confused whether a guy likes me or hates me ? Im gay, please read?

Im a 19 year gay old guy, I started college in September.
When I started I met a guy who I really Liked. He was very friendly and fun to be with and I got on well with him. We would talk quite a bit and it was just nice, because I never really had any friends before.
After the first month and a half, our class got split up and I didnt get to see him as often anymore.

It was horrible, because I found making friends very hard. I didn’t really have anyone for months and I found college very hard and lonely. For health reasons I also find going out late not practical for me, so I dont really go out very late, but Thats seemingly how you make friends at uni..sucks for me really 🙁
I became really distanced with him 🙁 and that upset me, because during this time I gained feelings for him as we where close(atleast i felt that ).

Lately we are back in the same classes, and I was excited for that, because I could be back with my friend. But i was wrong, it seems he has made many more friends who he hangs out with, and I feel more alone now. We just don’t talk as much :(, we still talk from time to time, but we arent close and we dont hang out as much as I would love to.

Last week was odd though, He gave me back massages for a few seconds (10-15) at a time, he would touch my face and when I hi5ed him he said ‘oh you sexually arousing me’. I thought he was just joking around with me, but it also felt serious. I was a lil confused to what It was.

Its not the first time for him to do this, he did things like this before in the first month of college. He would take my plate when I finished it and he even grabbed my jaw and looked at me in the eyes. After this first experience, I felt in my heart something very special, and i think it is love. I really could share my time with him.

But on friday, he was going to a cafe with his friends, and I aksed could i go and he said I should do my work.. and I just dont know why he is so distanced from me again. 🙁 It upsets me and has been tormenting me. My feelings for him are quite strong and I find it hard to stop thinking about him. He is beautiful.
Im confused to whetehr he likes me or whether he just doesnt want to know me. im not out as gay, and I dont know if he is gay, He has been doing all theses odd things to me, that straight guys just dont do.
I would love to love him and care for him and share my lit with him, but more then anything I want to be his friend. I dont know if I did anything wrong.
I didn’t give him any massages back or anything, because I wasnt sure whether he was messing with me or not.

I just dont know what I should do, Do you think he is gay or bi or something for me? I kinda got the feeling, but sometimes i think, its possible he is messing around with me, I mean, why would a beautiful guy wanna be with a guy like me? I dunno whether I should do something, or try and forget about him (which seems like the hardest mental task)

Any advice, what do you guys think ?

Straight guys definitely won’t and don’t do the things he’s doing. He probably has feelings for you but he’s not even out yet himself. Ask him things that you’d ask your boyfriend like things about your appearance but don’t just flat out say &quot:Do you think I’m cute?&quot:. Hint at it because no straight guy is going to grab your jaw and stare into your eyes. Maybe he wanted you to stay and do your work because he doesn’t want his friends to say anything to you and upset you and he’s just trying to keep you safe. I honestly think he has some type of feelings for you.

You cannot know for sure what this mans feelings are for you until you confront the issue head on. The fact is that you ar torturing yourself by keeping your feelings hidden from him. He may well have similar feelings to your own, but doing nothing will not answer the questions that you have in your mind and you will not have any peace until you know for sure.

Ask him to meet you for a drink, or a coffee in some place where you can talk privately. When you gt him to yourself, be brave and just ask him if he feels attracted to you as you do to him. He will not get angry, I assure you. Just tell him that you have strong feelings for him and you want to know if the feeling is mutual. If you get a negative response, at least you will know that it is pointless pursuing the guy any further. Or if his feelings for you are similar, then it could be the start of something special.

Life is much too short to throw away chances that you later regret. Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns and face it full on. I have a feeling this guy likes you but is afraid to take things to the next level just in case he may be wrong. Someone has to make the first move, so let that be you, or it could just slip through your fingers.

i think of you may desire to forget approximately approximately your self-understanding and purely ask him out. Worst case concern he gets mad at you and not in any respect talks to you returned. nicely, he’s already distancing your self from you. do no longer miss life’s opportunities out of outrage. Take the bounce. in case you fall, get returned up and shop going. a minimum of you have gotten found out that that course leads nowhere.

I think you should ask him. It seems to me that he is really important to you. If he gives you any problems just say dont hate me im beautiful the way i am.

I have all ready answered this question, and my answer is not there. What has happened?

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