Drawing Tablet? or Tablet Laptop? (Will choose best answer)

I’m getting ready to buy a Laptop, I also want to get into digital drawing, so I wanna get a tablet too. Well I was wondering if I should just get a Tablet Laptop and be done with it. Or buy a normal laptop and get a tablet as well. The only thing stopping me from getting a Tablet Laptop is, I don’t know if the resolution is as good, as a tablet (like Lines per Inch) But I think it would be easier to draw on a Tablet Laptop because you can actually see were your drawing, instead of having to look at the screen. I was thinking of something like this:


Suggestions or tips?

Tablet and be done. You’ve gotten some really crap answers. I feel obligated to do something.

Tablet Laptops are expensive, and (to me) really annoying. A lot of times the calibration can get off, you have to be extra careful with it, et al that. And yes, if you get a Tablet Laptop, the resolution is worse when compared to a regular USB connected tablet. For the tablet laptop I have, if you lose the stylus, you’re pretty much screwed unless you buy an expensive new one. If you were to draw in, say, Photoshop, it gets annoying for me having to look around and press everything with the stylus. I can usually do most of my work with the shortcuts, and I’d dislike having to open the laptop and type it in.

As for the USB connected tablet, it sometimes is hard to use, but if you use it enough then you get used to it. A lot of them you can slide things under for reference if you were drawing or something, but I prefer doing my own things. It’s resolution is very good, and I haven’t had any problems with it at all. You can usually rotate it if needed and you can set a crosshair in the middle to see what you’ll do.

IMO, the USB connected tablet definitely goes for the win.
🙂 Good luck.

there are tablets that you can also see what you are drawing on but they are way too expensive I guess you would be better of buying a tablet.

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