If President Barack Obama asked to see you …?

in a private meeting and asked for your advice on how the nation should be ran what advice would you give him and why?

To upgrade to an iPhone. Blackberry is yesterday’s news!

I’d just tell him to hire Ron Paul as his chief of staff.

Government manipulation serves only to compound problems. Had we not begun these bailouts, we would already be on the road to recovery.

nationalize heath care, no income tax,let the market work and stop helping corporation with taxpayers money and get out of the Federal reveres and have the country own drug company

For wanting to see a 21 year old student for advice on how to run the country, I’d ask him politely to resign.

I’d tell him to resign, as his current stimulus package is only going to do more harm then good for the people he claims to want to help. Finally, I would tell him to take Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Frank and the rest of them with him- they created this mess and obviously do not know how to do their jobs either! Lets be honest how can he fix anything when he is part of the problem….

I would decline, knowing that it would only be a photo op.

I wouldn’t have anything to say! He’s doing everything right!

He’s doing exactly what I would do.

I would tell him to call Mitt Romney, he knows a hell of a lot more about economic matters than me.

I would reply , &quot:With great Respect Sir I was not one of your Voters &quot: besides I am sure you have better Men than me within your own Team . No Offence .&quot:

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