If Christians are afraid to have a license plate with 666 on it, isn’t that just superstition?

I used to work for the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. I was delighted whenever a license plate turned up with 666 on it. I’d snatch it up and put it by my desk. Then, when someone would come in to plate a newly purchased car, I’d ask them, You’re not superstitious, are you?

Invariably, they’d say, No. No one will admit to being superstitious.

Then I’d say, Good, because we’ve been having a devil of a time getting rid of this plate. And I’d whip out the plate with number like 49 E 2666, and they’d look at it, and about half the people would say, I’M NOT PUTTING THAT ON MY CAR!

I’d ask, Why not?

And they’d say, that’s the number of the Beast! or some nonsense like that. Now surely they didn’t believe that God was going to punish them, or that bad things might happen to their car or their family just because they had 666 in their license plate, would they?

Yes. Yes, they would.

And isn’t that just superstition?

By the way, shortly before I left the BMV, the state of Indiana changed their plates. They no longer issue any with 666 in them. You CAN, however, buy a license plate that says In God We Trust.


Interesting stuff.

I’ve also noticed a lot of buildings don’t have a 13th floor even though they do.

Some people are total muppets.

Yes, it is a superstition. This is caused by most not knowing what those numbers mean. True Christians are not superstitious nor do they reject numbers like 666 like others do.

Six. This number at times represents imperfection. The number of “the wild beast” is 666 and is called “a man’s number,” indicating that it has to do with imperfect, fallen man, and it seems to symbolize the imperfection of that which is represented by “the wild beast.” The number six being emphasized to a third degree (the six appearing in the position of units, tens, and hundreds) therefore highlights the imperfection and deficiency of that which the beast represents, or pictures.—Re 13:18.

I know of a time when some True Christians rejected the number 666, but it was not from superstition. It was because they were afraid that some of their non believing friends would not visit if the building had that number on it.

As the author of the post listed above, I’d like to say that the Associated Press labeled the license plate as Christian. I think the big cross was a giveaway. The Indiana license plate and ‘In God We Trust’ on US currency is a long the same lines, sure. As an ATHEIST, I think all religions should get their own plates. I was sorry to see that so many Christians (well, poll participants) did not agree…


Shoulda saved that plate for the guy who walks in with the Slayer T-shirt. Probably could’ve collected a bribe off of the right person.

Kkk License Plate

666 is a number of a man.
All so, it’s the mark of the beast.

I’d much rather have a license plate with 666 on it than a plate with KKK on it.

Are you suggesting that the bible contains misleading worthless rubbish? 666 is teh number of teh devil you know, or is it his area code? I’m never quiet sure.

Well, of course it’s just superstition.

However, I wouldn’t want to have to deal with the morons who see it.

Just like having a black cat, you have to be careful and not let him run around loose on Halloween because someone might hurt him.

I wonder how many black people love their KKK license plates. With that being said you can get a plate in south carolina that says &quot:Coon Hunter&quot:

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