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Do you think this effects our charts and their alignment in any way?
What are your opinions on the subject?
Thanks in Advance! What are your signs??

You wrote: &quot:Do you think this effects our charts and their alignment in any way?&quot:

I’m not sure, but I don’t think so. The star is smaller than our own sun, and it is a star which has not been noticed to cause any influence in people’s charts. The planet orbiting it is much smaller. This star is somewhat younger than our sun, with young being a relative term. No influence has ever been noted there, and there’s been a great number of astrologers who probably would have noticed an influence by now. I will give it a benefit of doubt and look into it before dismissing it.

You also asked: &quot:What are your opinions on the subject?&quot:

My first opinion is that the discovery is fascinating. My next opinion in respect to your first question is that I have a great deal of appreciation for all the astrology information which has been amassed by astrologers in the last decade to the present time. I have an even greater appreciation for the astrology information handed down to us from previous astrologers and astronomers of the decades before that.

I also have a great deal of disdain for the people who take what they want from the work of scientists of the past, but leave the rest which they deem politically incorrect. It is the height of intellectual arrogance to dismiss that Galileo, Brahe, Kepler, Copernicus, Newton and many others who shaped our thinking also liked astrology. They took the opportunity to study it on their own rather than blindly accept what they were told they should think. We are supposed to automatically dismiss astrology because today’s scientists tell us to do so. We supposedly don’t need to study it to make up our minds on our own, since today’s famous scientists tell us that we shouldn’t.

You asked: &quot:What are your signs?&quot:
Pisces Sun/Libra Ascendant/Libra Moon

Hmmm…well, I am sure someone out there will be giving it a name and will be thinking up something clever to describe it’s contributions to the world of astrology – lol – how long do people even study these things before they go public with influences, aspects and so on?

I would think it could effect us – but in what way is still unknown….without study and research (lots of time for observation) – we may not get a good true understanding of it in this lifetime….


That is very interesting but it barely has any meaning on astrology.

Wow…Mr Skeptic Wannabe above there really is ignorant…….Just because people are interested in astrology, doesnt mean they aint interested in astronomy….

By anychance does he still live with his mom at 50 years of age ? Clearly, he doesnt seem to have harnessed the lesson of politeness taught by his authorities 40 years ago. Probably he hasnt had one.

Well, it’s interesting. In order to affect our own birth charts, it would have to be proven that it either has some kind of gravitational pull on something in our own birthcharts, or the gravitational pull from objects in our own solar system would have to affect it somehow, I think. So I don’t know that it would do anything to our current system, however if we were ever to move there, I guess we’d have to learn the astrology of that particular solar system.

Actually astrology is the root and origin of astronomy. BUT – astrology is from a far more holistic age thousands of years ago – and thus takes astronomy in a whole context of being.

The planets that affect us are ONLY the ones that we see from earth with our eyes.

All the other stuff – including asteroids, commets, and planets beyond saturn (including especially planets in other solar systems) are speculative, misleading and distracting. They do not truly affect humans, they do not play a role in recording and administering human karma. Any accuracy they have been applauded with is coincidental.

The entire system of 12 constellations and their rulerships mirrors the 7 chakras in the human body and cannot be toyed with by what we discover with telescopes.

The sun and moon rule the crown chakra, which is cancer on the left side and leo on the right side. The inner sun moves down the right chanel of the body when we exhale, and up the left when we inhale. The next chakra down is in the neck. This is Mercury’s chakra – the planet of communication! The signs mercury rules are the sign AFTER leo, Virgo and the sign BEFORE cancer, Gemini.

The planet next furthest from the sun after mercury is Venus. Venus rules the next chakra, the heart. The signs she rules are in fact the signs that come after mercury’s Virgo – i.e. Libra, and before mercury’s Gemini – i.e. taurus.

The next furthest planet is earth (which is not in the sky), so the next furthest planet is Mars. Mars rules the next chakra – the stomach – where his firey acid digests our food. His signs are after Venus’ Libra – i.e. Scorpio, and before Venus’ Taurus – i.e. Aries.

The next furthest planet is Jupiter. Jupiter rules the next chakra: the reproductive chakra, because Jupiter creates bounty, expansion, and children. His signs are the one after Mars’ Scorpio – i.e. Sagittarius, and before Mars’ Aries – i.e. Pisces.

The furthest planet of all is Saturn, who rules the final chakra, the root – because by Saturns power energy is held in place. Saturn’s signs are the one after Jupiter’s Sagittarius – i.e. Capricorn, and the one before Jupiter’s Pisces – i.e. Aquarius.

~~~ So you see messing with new planets is fun and inventive but destroys all the underlying meanings of astrology. Not only should planet’s in other solar systems be ignored, so should asteroids, comments, and planets not visible to the naked eye.

Doubly so because planets in other solar systems do not even move through the zodiac! That newly discovered planet will affect the astrology of any planet in ITS OWN solar system that has life on it. Not ours!

Hmm. Davey Truman appeared out of nowwhere. LOL. Now I know.

Ummm … No.

Astrology is only loosely based on astronomy. While interesting, this news has nothing to do with astrology. A possible planet in a possible other universe will have no place in our charts.

Before we even touch that, we have to catalog thousands of asteroids first…

as a Horoscope contributor … i dont think so …

o f** were screwed

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