With the War against Iran back on the agenda, is this what we have all to FORGET?

The corporate media have been given their orders to throw the focus back on to Iran.

Here is a recap of what they will mabe trying to make you forget.

1. Last Spring, Rose Gottemoeller, an assistant secretary of state and Washington’s chief nuclear arms negotiator, asked Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel refused.
see here:

2. The United Nations passed a resolution calling on Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and to submit to inspections.
Israel refused.
see here:

3. The IAEA asked Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and to submit to inspections.
Israel refused.
see here:

4. Iran’s formal notification to the IAEA of the planned construction of the backup fuel-rod facility underscores that Iran is playing by the rules of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
Which Iran has signed.

5. Iran allows IAEA inspections of all its facilities.

6. Contrary to face-saving claims, it appears that the US and Israel were both caught off guard by Iran’s announcement. The reasoning is simple. Had the US or Israel announced the existence of he new facility before Iran’s notified the IAEA, it would have put Iran on the defensive. As it is now, the US and Israel seem to be playing catch up, casting doubt on the veracity of Israel’s claims to know that Iran is a nuclear threat.

7. The IAEA and all 16 United States Intelligence Agencies are unanimous in agreement that Iran is not building and does not possess nuclear weapons.

8. In 1986, Mordachai Vanunu blew the whistle and provided photographs showing Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons factory underneath the reactor at Dimona.

9. Israel made the same accusations against Iraq that it is making against Iran, leading up to Israel’s bombing of the power station at Osirik. Following the invasion of 2003, international experts examined the ruins of the power station at Osirik and found no evidence of a clandestine weapons factory in the rubble.

10. The United Nations has just released the Goldstone Report, a scathing report which accuses Israel of 37 specific war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza earlier this year. Israel has denounced the report as Anti-Semitic (even though Judge Goldstone is himself Jewish), and the United States will block the report from being referred to the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague, thereby making the US Government an accessory after-the-fact.

We all need to be Joe Wilson right now. We need to stand up and scream, LIAR! at every politician and every talking media moron that is pushing this war in Iran. And we need to keep dong it until they get the message that we will not be deceived any more.

Will we all forget all of the above?
Your thoughts are most welcome.

I love it when the media and the ill informed slag of Iran for being a terror state. When Israel, who buy and sell politicians in the US and UK to ignore Israel’s war and human rights crimes. As they call everyone terrorists or anti Semitic for questioning their actions, like they’re immune from the law and finger pointing.

Then the same ill-informed neglect to mention Iran have No! Nukes. Yet Israel with it’s hundred odd bombs, which their not even supposed to have one. Is ignored by our politicians. Because they have Jewish lobby group money in their pockets. Plus their too scared to speak out, for fear of having their foreign party funds taken away from them.

Money they take and believe to be more important than the UK voters they represent or the human rights charter.

Israel as you say, continue to allow inspectors in to see what the hell they’ve been up too. As they continue to run their own illegal nuclear program, which has been running sine the end of the second world war. Back when the UK government gave them HEAVY WATER.

Yet the west keep saying, Iran’s non cooperation is more of a threat than Israel’s threat to blow Iran off the face off the earth, in what would be a 21st centaury holocaust. Claims they have publicly said as the world stood by and did nothing.

It’s said, the election will start in 7 months here in the UK. So if your planning to waste your time by voting. Why not research your local Mps and ask if they appear on your door step.

“Where do you get your party funding from and what’s your opinion of Israel”

Unfortunately we cannot do much about those nations that already possess nuclear arms and have done so for some time. What we can do in the West is stop other countries from developing them. Perhaps the west was premature in Iraq but I just wonder what the situation would be if any dictator was allowed these weapons, especially ones that have threatened other countries with inhalation! I understand this whole situation is a sorry mess but don’t see any other answer that would not endanger the world as a whole.

Iran constantly become a community capability. After 10 years of conflict with Iraq besides the incontrovertible fact that, they have been a great deal depleted. the yank profession of Iraq has supplied them with the two the ‘ethical intense floor’ (their thought) and the possibility to increase their sphere of impression. till finally this, Shiite Muslims have been an extensive to-silent minority.

A very well put question which you have done your homework on.
America and by that I mean the men who make the decisions and not puppet Obama will sit back and let Israel wipe the Iranian leadership from the face of the earth.
It’s not a case of if but of when.

Lucky for you that you have got Obama, he can’t decide what to do re Afghanistan, so there is no
way he will openly support Israel in a pre-emptive strike.

0bama hasn’t got the balls for it. The best we can hope for is if he doesn’t tip-off the Iranians as to when Israel will strike.

WMD’s come to mind.


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