why would any man want his wife to have sex with another man so he could watch?

my husband says its his fantasy, i hate it, if i was ever going to have sex with another man i told him he won’t know about it i’m old fashion

He obviously has voyeuristic tendencies. Stick to your boundaries and don’t do anything you do not feel comfortable with. Make it very clear that that isn’t ever going to be a possibility.

It is a gift of love that’s exciting to him, because it’s a very unusual gift that only he can give you. It’s perceived as sexual, but it’s much deeper than that. It’s a freeing of the soul, from what fear would have us otherwise believe is true. If you ever experience it, you will understand, but if you never do, you will always believe in what fear tells you. And it is fear, not hate, which is love’s true opposite.

I have no idea. That’s very weird.

Although, maybe it’s because he wants to objectively see you experience pleasure. Sort of like when fixing an engine problem, you have someone else rev the motor while you look under the hood.

That is sickening. But the reality is when it really happens, they will regret it, won’t stop thinking about and can end up in divorce. Is just fantasy going in his mind. Don’t do it.

My man pulled that on me too. He said he just wanted to watch another man pleasure me, to see what I react to since he’s always wrapped up in the act himself. He just wants to watch you get pleasured

Clinically, he sees all women as whores and gets more satisfaction seeing you degraded and treated as a prostitute than he gets from having sex with you. He does not respect you. He possesses you and believes he should be able to treat you like he wants. This is not a mutual respectful relationship. He obviously does not respect you or your values.

For some guys it’s just a turn on. I love seeing my fiance have sex with other women.

Hes a weirdo, he needs prayer. I would not stay iwth this sort of bloke he has no respect. He should be jealous and sounds like he does not think much of you or any woman for that fact, i hope he is not around children because he is a weirdo and i would not trust him.

Good 1, for a second I believed you.

why because he wants to see how much your enoying it with this other man plus he (your husband) should have asked you to do this before you would have gotten married.

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