What do you use more Twitter,Facebook, or myspace?

I quit Myspace cuz i got hacked =( so I’m using facebook only and i don’t use twitter since most of my friends don’t use it yet

I use facebook the most because, that is where my family and friends are most of the time. It used to be myspace, but facebook kinda took over with my clan.


Facebook all the way &lt:3

Myspace – Elementary &amp: Middle School (for stupid people who have no lives and thats why they hack each other because they have nothing better to do in life since they don’t HAVE a life :D)

Facebook – High School – College (for people who are basically breaking free into a LIFE and have friends and just wanna talk to people in a safe way because it is harder to be hacked on facebook)

Twitter – HOBOS (for people who want the world to know what they are doing constantly because they want the world to know they have ABSOLUTELY nothing better to do than to tell everyone what they are doing and if you think about it, it sounds pretty conceited how they are telling everyone about THEMSELVES)

there yaa have it 😀


Facebook is better than Myspace to me.

Myspace and facebook. I have a Twitter, but I’m rarely on it.

really, i use yahoo over all of them. i don’t have myspace. But between Twitter and Facebook, i use facebook more.

had myspace since 2003. dont use it much anymore. never used twitter. i use facebook but not a lot. i check it every other day it seems.

i have all of them but i use facebook the most
i check my twitter and facebook like once a month

Facebook. 😀

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