Need a loving home for a German Shepard in GA?

I live in Lawrenceville GA and I have an 18 month old German Sheppard that I need to get rid of ASAP. She is a great dog and I have had her since she was 3 months. She is very good with my 22 month old daughter also. Times are very hard for me now and she shouldn’t have to suffer. I tried the pound in Lawrenceville off 316 but they said if no one showed interest in her they would put her to sleep. If you know someone that is looking for a great dog or know somewhere I can take her let me know.

P.S She isn’t sprayed nor is she current on her shots.
Here is a picture of what she looks like.


i live in Columbus, i dont think i know anyone that could take her. as much as i would lov to i have a pit puppy and a baby, i have plenty on my plate already. have you googled no kill shelters in your area. im sure if theres not one in your town that there would be one right outside of it. i really hope you can either find a good home or a no kill shelter. good luck!!!!!!
ima try to google it myself if i find one ill email it to you

Another recommendation would be to post on craigslist.

Also, to ward off any un-scrupulous people, you might want to mention that she’s for sale, instead of giving her away for free. Also, look up German Shepard rescue groups on the web.

i could not see the picture,,can you post it again

I’ve sent you an e-mail: Please advise!!!

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