I Am a boy who likes wearing girls clothes but I have always done it in private, and I want to start doing it outside?

How would I get the courage to do it (I am quite a nervous person) and what should I wear if I did it – thanks!

Maybe you should just cross dress in private. I can’t imagine it would be good in public if you are nervous anyway. You would have to very brave to cross dress in public.

OK… Try starting to go it with &quot:unisex&quot: clothes. Oh, and use a wig.

Start out by wearing unisex clothing outside. Eventually and slowly transition this type of clothing to all women’s clothing.

Extremely gross 🙁

Go out with other crossdressers like me and go to clubs or gay bars where people like us are welcome. Wear whatever type of outfit thrills you. I like short sexy dresses with strappy heels and always with stockings.

Start small, with things that can be worn under your clothes.
Like panties, thongs etc
Maybe socks or a smaller bra or the whole package.

Once comfortable with that, &quot:which sounds like youre happy being you&quot:
Try jeans, thats a good one and then onto the top and then shoes and then the entire package.

Be you, be happy and just live your life the way you want.

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