Am I lazy or just not ready? (Military questions)?

So I went almost went full throttle with the USMC I went to MEPS and am technically in DEP but I have been influenced to leave (all family and friends) so I went to the office and told them I wanted out they told me they didn’t believe me so they said they’d give me a 2 month break to think about it. So here I am being filled with nothing but negative thoughts about the military but still a voice in my head is reminding me how bad I wanted this sense 7th grade. So I tried really hard to think about it and this is what I think. first off I’m overweight so I think I am lazy and a cry baby reason being is I wanted it so badly until I had it. once I had it and I went to P.T. I hated every minute of it. this is were the overweight thing comes in. while I do hate running thats not the entire thing its that I hate struggling physically in front of people I do not know (which is a mental barrier of mine). So my question is should I still go for it? If so how do I go about telling my very anti war family I want back in (they don’t know I’m technically still in). Or should I just quit while I’m ahead?

PS not trying to be an English major here so please ignore my mistakes as at the moment I’m very torn as to what I should do.

USMC and overweight? How did you pass the MEPS weight check? Don’t like to run? If you pass the weight check on the day you ship, you will move into a whole new world of physical performance.

No, you’re just fat and lazy. The Marines will motivate your fat, lazy butt.

Either join or don’t. You will always wonder the rest of your life if you don’t.

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