Christians: what do you think of world ending at 2012, or we being in the end times?

Upon googling 2012, or speaking with many people in life and across these boards, many are convinced, even non-Christians that something is going to happen in 2012. Many Christians also believe that we are currently living in the end times.

What do you guys think of all of this. First with the 2012 controversy, the ancient calendars and the mayan calendar ending in that year, and of all the we are in the end times fuss being caused among religious types?

I’m asking from a totally objective viewpoint, no biases or subjective imput from me. I don’t want to be attacked. lol.

But if you do believe in the world ending or that we’re in the end times, what are you doing to prepare, or how are you dealing with it? Are you scared? Are you happy? Are you moving to the country? Do you think a nuclear war will happen? Will our world economic system collapse?

IF you don’t believe in that, also state why,and if you DO believe in this,

what advice would you give your fellow humans?

I wouldn’t live in fear of it. If the Mayan’s were so great then where are they? Gone! All calendars are based on astrology, on Dec. 21st of 2012 a very rare astrological event takes place. The Mayan calandar might only be pointing to that. This doomsday prophecy comes from someones well meaning interpretation, take it with a grain of salt, we believe we are in the &quot:Last Days&quot: that the bible speaks of but we are also instructed not to put a date on it. Remember the story of Jonah and how he preached to Ninevah? After he preached to them their judgement was postponed for another generation. Just live &quot:Righteous&quot: and don’t let things bother you.
The world keeps changing, mostly for the worst, the Bible calls this period the &quot:great falling away&quot: 2Thessalonians 2:3, everyone is losing there faith in God and walking after the flesh. If you want to enter Gods kingdom you have to obey his words, all of his words always lead to Righteousness, because his kingdom is a &quot:Kingdom of Righteousness&quot:, http://www.mythoughtsweb.com/Religion_and_Spirituality.html , http://www.mythoughtsweb.com/Kingdom_Righteousnes.html , Remember the origional message preached by John the Baptist and then by Christ and his deciples? Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand! So sweep you doorsteps and stay ready at all times. Repent and take your garbage to the curb. Walk righteously before your God.

I find it absolutely funny in a non haha way. No i dont believe it, people have said over the years the world would end and guess what, it didnt.

Just because calendars of ancient times are ending, doesnt mean that the world would end in 2012. In ancient times, thats probably how far they could of think in the future, ever wondered that? Plus, its just a calendar.

People never seem to question things like this. Ask your self, How it would end and why? If it was a giant asteroid, NASA would have spotted it 30 years ago and told us if it was likely to hit us. They have for 2029, but theres a low chance a asteroid which is heading in the earths direction, wont hit us.
And people do forget that we have Defense and will use it against objects in outer space, if it gets to close.

Nuclear wars are unlikely. If a nuclear war would go off, it would pretty much kill the whole world and endanger the person them self, do you know of anyone that stupid?

People alter use their heads and QUESTION things before they decide to believe it.

Honestly (people will think I am crazy for saying this) we have to be. Israel was reborn in 1948 just as it was fortold by God’s prophets. The birth even came before the labor pains just as they said. The messiah said that the generation that sees that rebirth would be the generation to see the return…obviously not an exact quote. A biblical generation is one hundred years. We have seen wars, rumors of wars, a growing frequency in natural disasters, and terrorism. How can I as a believer deny that? But what I think people should realize is that…this isn’t the end of the world. It’s the end of the world as we know it….which isn’t altogether a bad thing. As for the 2012 number…it’s highly suspect. I wouldn’t put your wager on it. That number comes from pagans and sorcerers and has nothing to do with the God of Israel and this universe and his reckoning of time. But we are very close to the six thousanth year and the beginning of the 7th millenium….the completion.

As for no one knowing the date or the hour…that was a clever allusion by Messiah to the feast of trumpets as the time of the harpazo/rapture….one which his audience would have understood….and we can understand…if we are willing to dig a little deeper.

I don’t know if the world will end today or tommorrow or when. I know it isn’t here yet but it is coming. The things that will take place are Jesus’s return for his people. Then the Anti-christ comes he is a demon, he will sign a peace treaty with Israel for 7 yrs. Halfway through it he will break the treaty. He will conquer the whole world and kill you if you don’t take his sign 666 or if you are a christian. During this time we must spread God’s word even if it means dying. After the Seven year period Jesus will make his last return and him and the Anti-Christ will battle with Jesus winning. Then all who are worthy will go to heaven. And the earth will become a burning ball of fire and anyone left behind goes to hell. This is just an overview of what will happen this is not all the details.

Well its dabatable but i know for certain, when I was a child i would be terrified of everytime i heard the world was going to end. 2000 was supposed to be when the world was going to end. Then on the 6th of June2006 was soupposed to have been the end of the world, now 2012? Its all going up in 6’s though and isnt that pretty creepy?

I think that the people that believe in the 2012 thing to be quite funny. One thing that you have to understand is that everything that is done in the universe is done on Gods time. We reset our calendars to AD/BC from the day of Christs birth. Up until that time there was little or no actual real calendar counting short of guesses and counting of days. No one knew exactly what date Christ would be born on 1000 years before it happened to sync up their palm pilot:-)

However, I do believe that we are in the last days. Revelations is pretty solid with everything that is happening and its falling into place. Satan is behind the changes in the world and the currency and governmental controls are all turned around by evil in some way or form. Money itself is the root of evil for the most part. its the main reason why nations are sold out and governments are overthrown. if you believe in Christian world and theology then the scriptures themselves state it all.

The best way to deal with it is to put yourself in a position to be as safe as possible from everything. Pay off your house or scale down to something more affordable. Pay off all your debts so that no one can take what you own. Live within your means. Bolster up your place in the world by acquiring a skill that is recession proof (unfortunately most of that is blue collar work). Find your way with God and pray.

I do think we will have a nuclear attack on the US. Small scale at least is predicted in Revelations. Our world economic system is already collapsing. Its due to greed and antiquated systems, such as things requiring fossil fuels that never change with time. Its called having all your eggs in one basket and someone ends up owning every one of them. Then you become slave to one master.

Advice: Righteousness is the cure to the disease. If you are doing everything you can to follow God and His plan then you will be ok. That doesn’t mean that it will be easy, it just means that you will do better than most. have faith in Him that created you. He promises great things for those who endure to the end. Question is…do you believe in Him?

Everyone thought something cataclysmic was going to happen in 2000 (well, dubya might count…), but it came and went – just another year.

2012 will be the same (unless some nutcase thinks that its up to them to end the world and sets off a bunch of nukes…)

That is based on Mayan prophecy, not Bible prophecy.

But we are living in the end times. We have 7 years left after the mideast peace treaty is signed according to Daniel 9: 27.

Why do Christians think that the world will end in 2012? The Mayans were not Christians- why would they take their word for it?

I think something catastrophic may happen in 2012, but Jesus said &quot:But of that day and hour knoweth no [man], no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.&quot: Mat 24:36

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