I hate my brother how do I deal with it?

He is the most nasty, ungrateful little brat I have ever met. He has everything and is allowed to do anything and all he does is sit there and cry because some people are looking out for his best interest. He spends all his time complaining, crying, and playing video games.

Sometimes his shouts and screams escalate to violence, and when then happens I just stand back and watch. He’s only ten right now, so I can easily stop him if he tries to attack me now, but when he turns 13 or 14 and he becomes taller than me… I’m worried that I won’t be able to defend myself and I’m scared for when that happens.

I bought this shirt at Hot Topic the other day and when I got home I tried it on, and it’s like… the I Am Number Four shirt with Alex Pettyfer and I am going to meet him today and so I was excited and I told my brother while I was eating chips because he seemed to be in a normal mood and all he told me was to stop eating chips because I’ll get even fatter than I am. Which, I am not even fat in the first place. Maybe to a fifth grader I’m fat… but I am fifteen and in my grade am not fat at all… I am a size five!

I can’t curse him out because he’s younger than me… but boy do I want to. My parents do nothing, and I just want to tear his ******* head off. I want to kick him in the gut until he falls over in pain and then slice his wrists…. but I can’t do that!

How do I deal with this hate!?!? It’s tearing me alive and he is just such a horrible person and he’s turning me into a horrible person!

Please help!

He’s a nasty kid. And, if he stays a nasty kid, he’s going to be alone, except for the nastiest type of people which will be the only people he can find for friends. And, they will be as mean to him as he is to everyone else.

So, feel some compassion for him. He is a lost soul, a kid that got ignored by his parents, and he doesn’t even know what he is missing.

Give him one and only one warning that you WILL call the cops, and then if he gets bigger than you and hits you, call the cops. Immediately. SERIOUSLY. It is clear that your parents aren’t going to protect you, and that your brother’s behavior is out of control, and your parents are doing nothing to teach him how to live like a civilized human being. The poor kid is growing up like a little savage, and it’s going to lead to an unhappy, unsuccessful life unless some teacher or friend’s parent finally gets through to him, if your parents won’t do it. If he begins to get violent, the BEST thing that can happen is that he learns that that is a crime, and the police WILL get involved. If he learns trying to hit his sister at age 13, then he is punished as a minor and learns his lesson. If he never learns before he turns 18, he’ll get sentenced for assault as an adult, and could spend some jail time. So, if he hasn’t learned not to hit by age 13 (How ignorant can a kid be? Are you parents even conscious?) , do him a favor, and demonstrate to him that hitting is called &quot:assault&quot:, that it is against the law, and that when you hit people, the police are likely to show up. And, that it’s not OK to commit crimes against your family members, whether it is theft or assault, because they have the same rights as everyone else. Once he learns that the cops will get involved, self-interest should lead him to find some other way to express his anger, like punching a hole in your parent’s wall. Maybe your parents will care about the property damage, since they don’t seem to mind that their daughter is being assaulted. If he continues to assault you, two or three calls wil lead to CPS becoming involved. You have a right to be protected from assault, and if your parents won’t do it, the cops will.

I am totally and completely and utterly sincere in this advice. Call the cops.

It is sad, but some families treat the son like a demi-God, and it ruins them. Absolutely ruins them. A few good spankings at the right age would have straightened out most of that, and a firm correction ten times a day would clear up the rest. Some parents think kids will just raise themselves!

Best Wishes and Good Luck!!

Maybe you could sit your parents down and ask them if they care about how your brother turns out..
Then when they say &quot:of course we do&quot: Then point out that YOU DO care and then point out the lack of dicipline.

chill out &amp: cheer up!
he’s just a kids. seriously… and he’s a BOY!duh..
all kids act like that. especially to those who is close to him.
don’t worry dear, he’ll stop his horrible act when he grows up.
believe me:D

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