Would it not be wise to BAND anything made in China from being sold in the United States ?

China sells us things that are made with lead and other crap that is bad for our kids and us parents ! Why should we sit back let them do this to us when they know good and well what they are doing ? It’s wrong to let them keep doing this ! Besides the companys selling there crap are getting rich and the ones that don’t are going out of business. Why continue to let them make all the money ? Anyways its just a thought ! To all of you who read this have a nice day and if this upsets anyone, sorry !

I sometimes wonder that myself.

we might as well ban globule trad altogether plank

its BAN and yes….but, if you did that then all the stores like wal-mart, K-mart, dollar stores would go out of business….oh well….

No. However, I would BAN them.

I think it’s BAN

I think you mean *BAN*, not BAND!

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