My girlfriend dropped my motorcycle…What would you do?

How would you handle the situation? What steps should I take to make sure there’s not more damage than just cosmetic…she was just starting out and slammed on the breaks…worst thing is the rear break was bent into the engine causing a paint chip…other than that just mirror, turn signal and foot peg scratches.

See how much cheaper it would of been if you just spent the money on a MSF rider class for your G/F? She could of then wrecked the bike the school used.

Take the bike into the shop and have the frame checked out by a tech if you want to be sure the damage isn’t just cosmetic. If the bike wasn’t dropped too hard and isn’t leaking anything, starts up fine and still rides fine, then your damage is probably just cosmetic.

Consider getting a engine guard or frame sliders to protect your bike even further in case the bike is ever dropped again.

If it was an accident then you won’t achieve anything by making her feel bad about it. But she should help pay for the damage.

don’t sweat it and fix your bike accidents happen dude and if your trying to teach her to ride your bike things like this will happen she already probably feels bad enough as it is

well its kind of difficult
i would never let my girl
for that exact reason
but you messed up
so yea dont get mad at her
jus yea tell her its koo
probably shell make it
up to you in some way

well their buddy give her a big kiss for not getting hurt,, kick yourself
in the buttocks for allowing her to try without any lessons,, we can only hope YOU learned the lesson here not her…

I crashed and I just fixed it, get over it, your gf must be feeling really bad about it, give her a break.

well depends if you guys were in a fight.. If yes then oh man i would be heated and wanna hit a ***** but if you guys werent fighting.. then sit her down and tell her that its sucks and she should pay for the damages

just forget about it and don’t ever let your girl mess with your bike again. it’s a tough lesson but a good lesson learned.

take it to a mechanic, and go easy on her, everybody makes mistakes thats why pencils have erasers on the other end…

definitly don’t take it out on her at all. if you weren’t having a fight, she probably feels terrible

Lent ALWAYS ==== Bent in my book, I hope she had a license. If not your still being stupid. welcome to school of hard knocks.

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