Do you Think Kyle Busch Should focus Winning in the Cup Series?

He is winning all the time In truck and nationwide series but none of that seems to rub off in the Cup series do you think he should race less in the 2 minor series and focus on Cup and winning races and championships don’t get me wrong I’m not a Kyle Busch hater I just think it is a distraction when you sometimes race double and even triple duty some weekends he should be focusing on Cup

No, my reason for living is watching Kyle race 2 or 3 times per week. When he is not racing I go through serious withdrawals…

However, I think that KBM is a distraction that he should have not gotten into, I just don’t see the sponsors lining up to support my hero.

I don’t really think racing the other series is causing him to lose focus on the Sprint Series at all. Kyle just has an advantage over the majority of the Nationwide and Truck Series regulars, which is why he is si successful in them. Sprint cup has drivers equally and more talented than him, so his finishes aren’t as consistant.

This is kind of off topic, but I wish the Sprint Series regulars would just get out of the &quot:lower&quot: grade series, or at least be limited in some way.

Of course he should. And it’s totally a distraction. Yeah, I understand he likes to win, but Cup pays more, its well covered, and the trophies are nicer. Would you rather take a 13 win Nationwide season or a Sprint Cup championship? Only an idiot would take the Nationwide wins,,,

I’ve never been a race car driver but I don’t see how racing the other series would hurt his Cup racing. The competition is just much tougher on Sundays. Of course he is going to win much more often on Fridays and Saturdays. The majority of the cars/trucks are junk.

Yeah I don’t see the point racing in all these so called minor leagues if it is distracting he should put all his effort on Cup

Seeing that he isn’t racing a full schedule in NAtionwide or Truck I think that means he is focusing on his Cup races. I know a lot of drivers out there who would love to have a few wins and be in the chase…(so far).

No, he will make the chase and then he will focus all on the cup

Know it all,It really dont matter where or how many he races , he still better then your boy JR.
Don’t you ever get tired of your bashing ? Give it a rest.




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