Did Obama &quot:save&quot: the economy or nearly destroy it?

Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard has an excellent article dispelling the leftist myth that Obama saved the country from the worst recession since the Great Depression. It is well worth a read! A little tease:

That the president saved us is an empty boast. The Obama camp cites the stimulus package enacted in February 2009 as evidence for the claim. But on inspection, this proof dissolves. The stimulus wasn’t responsible even for halting the recession, much less keeping America out of a depression. The recession officially ended in June 2009–at a time when only a fraction of the $831 billion in stimulus funds had been spent.


he certainly did not save it, and his economic policies have not worked, and he has given us us the longest ever recession. his policies are job killers. between the out of control epa, the obama tax health bill, and his tax plan, the debt (and he wants more) we will never recover.

Obama is a figurehead in essence, as your boyfriend George Bush is. The hilarious factor is that you just can’t see that. Bear in mind &quot:Mission finished&quot: while infantrymen and other humans were being killed in Iraq? As an honest spectator, i know that Obama’s empty phrases do not evaluate with Bush’s. Stop being ridiculous.

Obama hasn’t saved sh!t. Of course these brain dead libs think so because that’s what BSNBC has told them.

The truth is Obama is out to put a money grab on the middle class. If by chance he’s reelected which I pray he isn’t he’ll eliminate the Bush tax cuts and blame the Republicans for it. Wait and see if that doesn’t happen.

The answer is simple: Does the economy look saved?
Are people working good jobs?
Are more people on welfare?
Had the deficit dropped?

Heck no! Obama has been a failure.


NEARLY destroyed it.

The Fed is printing the most money it has ever printed bringing down our currency yet again.
Wall Street is the problem…it’s the Federal Reserve.

He may have delayed a depression. His basic idea is like getting a cash advance on a credit card to pay your mortgage.

Make no mistake, the USA shouldn’t exist right now! Obama was a mistake! That is why we want Romney to win, to correct that mistake!

Everyone acts like he did. He should’ve let the big companies fall flat on their face.

check your source for bias.

look at the raw data and decide for yourself.

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