Wouldn’t be really cool if our next president of the United States was Native American?

Granted this person met all of the qualifications to become POTUS: I think it would be very cool indeed! Especially since America belongs to the Native Americans in the first place!

Right now I would just settle for one being an actual American!

As long as they got good conservative policies I don’t care what color their skin is, I would vote.

Actually, a good long horse for the next president is Bobby Jindal, whos parents were born in India.

It would be very fighting. I would vote for a Native American just as long as they weren’t a Republican or Democrat.

That would be cool! But lets look and see if the person qualifies to be president before we look at the race. American already made that mistake.

Wouldn’t it be cool if everybody was next president?

i think we really have to stop cherry picking people for positions based on race…just because it makes us feel better about ourselves…i never thought i would observe such stupidity in this country, but apparently that’s the way things work in teh USA nowadays…purely stupid and sad. very irresponsible…very reckless…we hvae to appoint people based on actual qualifications.


I think it would be awesome.

Well Obama has did awful so I doubt anyone else could do worse…

OMFG that would be awesome

sure why not

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