Would you sleep with Donald Trump (for 1 week) for 2 million dollars. Why, why not?

And is it true that any woman who says NO, would be lying?

I’d let him hit it.

No. If not for $2, then not for $2,000,000.

I’m not for sale. This question probably comes up a lot bc it’s a sign of the times. Many people are thinking about money: what they’re willing to do: what they’re not willing to do. As well as, what is the proper role for money to take on, in our lives?

Have we assigned to much meaning to it? Does it really matter as much as many think it does? Do we need to revolve around it to the extent that we must whore ourselves out and do things we otherwise wouldn’t? Is there a better way? What is it?

At least, these are the things that occupy my mind, but that’s bc I’m in a Utopian mindset for my thesis.

Funny how many people immediately say no, but I honestly wonder what people would really do for a couple million if given the opportunity.

They say money can’t buy happiness, but I am already happy, the only thing that depresses my husband and me are our mounting bills lol. I think I would have to give it some serious thought.

2 million dollars make my material world a happier place but 2 million dollars does not fill my heart. I love my Family, I cherish my Husband. I would rather be homeless and have love than have a bunch of material items that would never give me the love I have for my Family.

Question 1: Yes. The money is extremely good for little or no work. Even my husband would say go for it.

Question 2: No. You’re an @$$#0!% for even suggesting that.

You are an @$$#0!% for asking the first question too just in case you aren’t aware.

I disagree that every woman would do it. That being said….I would. I know he has a face that only a mother could love BUT $2 million is ALOT of money and would make my family VERY comfy..so I would take the sacrifice. I would have to use protection though..or it is a deal breaker.

If by sleep you mean sex…then, EEEEEEW! No way. Gross! I’m happily in love and would eat dog food and sleep in my car before submitting to the Donald. ICK! I’m certainly not lying and I loooove sex! But that’s just way not worth it! My fiance would probably encourage me to do it, though…lol

No. I would rather be with a hot poor guy for love than a gross rich guy for money.

Besides, his wife is beautiful. I’m not sure who could compete.

I have everything I need. I make a good living but feel a lot more comfortable in a Taco Bell then I do in a fancy restaurant.

heck yeah. You know he’s so old, he probably wouldn’t last long so the 2 MIL would be worth a weeks time of really having to do nothing.

I might &quot:sleep&quot: with him but I wouldn’t do anything else. There wouldn’t be any sex that’s for sure. He’s disgusting and the thought of touching him, even for 2 million is repulsive.

Have you seen the movie indecent proposal? Not the best idea, even for the money. I wouldn’t let my wife do it.

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