Would McCain make the absolute WORST president ever?

SERIOUSLY! The guy would be going to community college if his parents weren’t millionares at the time of his birth (His class rank was 795 of 800!!!! I think even the Republican voters out there agree that his parents probably shoveled a boatload of money/influence toward his college to aid in his acceptance!) He crashed four jets in his tenure with the Navy, and was well known at the academy for being a spoiled Daddy’s boy who could get by on his parents $$$, not his own physical strength or academic prowess. Under his own admission, he can’t even send an email.

Who was it that said that McCain would make Cheney look like Ghandi? At least Cheney only invaded countries so his company, Halliburton, could make a quick billion or so off Iraqi oil. I think if McCain were elected, he would invade countries based off anger and spite. The way he talked in the first debate made it look like he wanted to invade Russia and start another Cold War, saying that &quot:he looked in their eyes and saw nothing but KGB.&quot: Or how about his little solo performance of &quot:bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.&quot: He is also quoted as calling Asians &quot:g**ks.&quot: THESE ARE SERIOUS SIGNS OF XENOPHOBIC PARANOIA!

BOTTOM LINE IS THIS: does America really want someone with such deep seeded hate toward anything not like himself as a president of the US? Can you think of any other prominent military/party leaders throughout history who have harbored a hatred of other races and or creeds? (Think Germany, circa 1930’s.) John McCain has a foreign policy guided by his senility and xenophobic paranoia, less than stellar academic qualifications, a lack of knowledge of technology, and a terrible handle on the economy (as seen through his voter record.) Coupled with this juncture in American history, would he be the worst president ever?

No, I don’t believe so. He would probably be saved by U.S. Grant, Jimmy Carter and G.W. Bush.

McCain’s fundamental problem, as I see it, is not hatred for anyone, but a fundamental ignorance of what is now required. He has led his life in a tight military bubble, followed by a life of wealth and privilege. Under those circumstances, the only thing he had to face on his own was the time in Hanoi. There is no question of his heroism there, but there are many brave people on the planet who are not qualified to be president, or many things less demanding.

I find it hard to understand how he could possible understand the everyday requirements of the electorate under those conditions. And, after almost 30 years of &quot:trickle down&quot: economics during which not very much trickled down but a lot trickled out to the point where we don’t make anything anymore, we don’t need more of it — the pendulum has to swing at least a bit in the other direction to heal some of the deep divisions which have resulted.

An &quot:academic&quot: understanding will just not do it this time. That &quot:cardboard&quot: approach to problems, which is quite evident in his speeches, is exactly why many fewer voters warm to McCain that Obama.

He would not be a &quot:bad&quot: president, but neither do I think he will be a &quot:good&quot: one. He would just hold things together until a better one comes along.

And for those who profess to be scared to death of Obama, what ever happened to that supposedly American expression &quot:Just go for it!&quot:? He can hardly do worse than McCain in any case.

No matter if he answered their questions or not, brain damaged and senile McCain along with Palin already lost his bid to become a president. Even Collin Powell himself a top ranking Republican endorsed Barack Obama.

What an extremely well thought out and intelligently worded question. I think the only thing that could be worse would be if Palin became president.

Bush is the all-time worst. McCain won’t get the chance to prove how bad of a President he could be.


Mccain/Palin 08

This was a very insulting rant, as McCain would say quote &quot:Thanks for the question you little jerk.&quot:


hell yeah

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