Why was Bush such a better President?

Obama is such a moron and is the definition of insanity, which is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. George Bush made so many accomplishments in our country that Obama will never even come close to. Obama has dug us into a hole that will take years to recover from. He bull dozes republicans and refuses to reach across the table and compromise. He spent his whole second campaign talking about how rep. and dem. need to work together, and now he does not care what any non-like-minded people think. We do not even have a valid copy of his birth certificate. The one he provided has a different border than the rest from that same year and his also says African as a race which was not used back in 1961. And it lists his fathers birth place as Kenya, Africa. Which is a little strange because Kenya did not officially become a country until 1963…TWO YEARS AFTER THIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE WAS MADE.

He was better than Obama in every way.

If Obama ever had one month as good as the worst Bush year they would be celebrating in DC.

Average annual unemployment rate for George W. Bush

2001………….. 4.8
2002………….. 5.8
2003………….. 6.0
2004………….. 5.5
2005………….. 5.1
2006………….. 4.6
2007………….. 4.6
2008………….. 5.8

Now Obama …

2009……………9.5 January 7.8% inauguration
2013……………8.5 January 7.8% inauguration
2015……………10.0 .==&gt: Democrats lose voters

&quot:The economy must add 13.3 million jobs over the next three years — 375,000 jobs each month — to bring the unemployment rate down to 6% [equal to Bush’s worst year], notes economist Peter Morici. That means GDP growth must be running at a 4% to 5% pace, not the pathetic -0.1% rate it’s running at now, a pace that has been trending downhill since 2011.&quot:

&quot:U.S. GDP Contracts for First Time Since 2009 &quot:

&quot:The U.S. economy unexpectedly contracted in the fourth quarter of 2012, marking the first decline since 2009, according to an advance estimate from the Commerce Department.&quot:


bush is a hero to some . he was very good at being an enabler of the zionist agenda of greed of wall street , corporations , and the bankers . starting at the beginning of his first term , we saw the largest redistribution of wealth in human history , from the middle class working man , up to the top few percent richest . tens of trillions were sucked from the &quot: working class &quot: . if you were rich in 2001 , you have become VERY rich now . if you were poor or middle class … well , the ‘ little people &quot: don’t count .

I don’t know how you can say that. Bush was to the US what Blair was to the UK and we are still trying to sort ourselves out! Bush and Blair became quite pally – birds of a feather and all that – and during their term of office two people who did alright out of it all were Bush and Blair! And if you havn’t watched ‘farenheit 911’ by Michael Moore then I suggest you do and, you wont be looking through those rose tinted specticals again!!

George Bush had common sense and intolerant liberals throw all common sense out the window to push there own agenda and think they are superior in every way to people who disagree with them. The proof is white house, the senate, msnbc, cnn and the people here on y/a. Anyone with an open mind cannot say my statement is untrue because thats the cold hard truth. Bush was 100% better of a president and more people had jobs and a place to live under Bush. People blame him for our debt and yet obama dug us a hole 8 times bigger than Bush within 4 years..Anybody who says obama is a better president is a colossal idiot and everyone with common sense knows it.

The only reason I can think why Bush was a better president is because he made me laugh with his witty sense of humor. I particularly recall a time when former President W. Bush gave a speech in Spanish. He said, &quot:People ask me, Mr. President, before giving a speech in Spanish, why don’t you learn to speak English first?&quot:

Bush’s education, his psychological brilliance, his knowledge, his deep, very keen knowledge of ways the international works, and his marvelous administration skills some distance overshadow any of his predecessors. Bush knew a thanks to get issues achieved, he continuously appointed the right human beings to the right positions, he knew a thanks to inspire others like so few leaders. The crew he assembled has achieved marvelous issues for u . s . and for the international, especially the shining city of latest Orleans. Leaders like this do no longer come alongside very in many cases. the international and the yank human beings will bypass over him once he leaves workplace.

Bush was so bad that Obama got elected, but Obama isn’t much better. In fact he is worse in several areas like spending and raising the national debt.

I’ll answer this quickly before I go out: lol, birther I hope this answers your question.

Bush spent too much, but Obama spent twice as much as Bush


GW was a war criminal.

GW lied us into Iraq.

GW instituted a torture program (illegal).

GW destroyed the economy.


GW had 9 appointees CONVICTED of crimes.

Oh, wait. You were being funny, right?!

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