Why is it OK for Women to Hit Men, but NOT Ok for Men to Hit Women?

It’s not okay for anyone to hit anyone if a female hits me I’m hitting her back if a man hits a woman she has every right to hit him back there’s the gender equality. Now wouldn’t the world be in a perfect place without violence

Why is this question asked and answered at least once a week on this site. It IS NOT OK for either gender to hit.

It’s not.

WTF you talking about? I spank ma wife and if she hit me she get the belt!

It’s never ok for anyone to hit anyone regardless.

It is never OK to hit anyone but as a male I would never strike a woman as it is unmanly. Any man who thinks it is OK to strike woman is not a man, it is that simple. However, let me say this, if my life were threatened then I would do what I would have to do. Signed old school.

It’s not okay for anyone to be hitting anyone else, regardless of gender.

Yeah…why is that? They want equality, being smacked by a guy is equality, females have equal rights to being smacked just like us guys do.

Who ever said it was OK for women to hit men? I don’t know anyone who thinks that is OK but I have heard a lot of guys here who really seem to want to beat on women.

The times that we live.

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