Why do Christians not follow their laws?

I know for a fact that no one in the US follows the 10 commandments, as I never read in the paper A Christian today stoned to death every employee at Home Depot because they were working on the Sabbath, and God command that is the punishment for that offense.

Unless you do this, you are not following the commandments.

Why don’t you?

Apparently their laws apply to everyone but themselves.

The ten commandments are not Christian law. The ten commandments are the core of the old covenant, which was a legal contract between the two parties, God and the Israelites. This covenant ended upon the death of Christ, even as a marriage covenant ends upon the death of either party, as explained in Romans chapter 7.

God does not deal with Christians illegally, holding them to the conditions of a covenant they are not a party to, and a covenant that ended.

Christians are party to the new covenant law of faith (Rom 3:27) and this law does not contain the old covenant law of the letter (Rom 7:6: II Corinthians 3).


Because Christ abolished the 10 commandments. He said he was giving us a new commandment consisting of only 2: #1 Love and worship God as the Almightly, and #2 Love thy neighbor. The Sabbath was only given to the Jews and not to Christians.

Dont blame that on all christians, the actions of one who is obviously mentally ill. You really believe yourself to be an authority on no one following the 10 commandments, you just say that and it is. Wow!

You are wrong about that dearheart, really think about it.

This is a horrible crime you report here, I hate to hear that, but I know these things happen and not everyone shouting christian and saying they follow christ actually really do. That person was doing for self, not for God. God knows the economy is bad and that people must work, you think that working on sunday is the unpardonable sin? wrong again. great generalization you have here. sorry you feel that way.

Cheer up my friend and walk in the sunshine, God is in control and every nut case doing wrong and criminal acts don’t necessary know Him or follow His instructions..


Okay, atheist, my neighbor and beloved one, please know this. jesus did not come to do away with the law, but He did rent the veil on the cross and what day is the sabbath day? do you know it really to be sunday? sabbath simply means to rest, to mansion, that could be any day of the week after working 7 days. High sabbath for me is on Friday. Six days prior to that, all of my work is done

It is one thing to KNOW the bible, and ANOTHER thing to LIVE IT.

Old Testament laws are not to be followed unless mention in the New Testament because the life of Jesus Christ fulfilled the Old Testament laws. The Old Testament laws were put in place to protect the bloodline of Christ so He could bare the punishment of sin for us. When Christ Jesus did such an action the Old Testament laws became fulfilled. Anyone who follows the fulfilled Old Testament laws is violating the Commandments of Christ.

We are incapable of following the 10 commandments or the 600 other commandments, for that matter. While we can try, we will always fall short. That’s why Jesus died for us.

Because those laws conflict with the law. For example, most of the 10 commandments are in serious conflict with the US Constitution.

&quot:Thou shalt not honor any other gods but …&quot: is not exactly freedom of religion, right?

Christians are not under the ten or 600 commandments but are under the law of love which re-
places the &quot:You must nots&quot:

Because most Christ followers (Christians) realize that isn’t love, which is the cornerstone of a true christians life. Most Christians don’t actually believe the whole bible is actually God’s word.

First, that is not in the 10 commandments. Second, the Mosaic laws were written for the ancient Jewish people. Try again, genius.

And ask about ignoring the other 603 commandments of the Old Testament as well. The parts about how to own slaves, and how to beat them. Yeah…they really pick and choose.

Funny thing is, priests and rabbis work on their respective sabbaths.

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