Why are Liberals and Democrats following Rush Limbaugh’s template 100% by attacking Herman Cain?

Rush Predicts Liberals every move with PinPoint Accuracy…

When Liberals laughed at Cain several months ago, Limbaugh said Libs would make up stuff about him once he gained in the polls…

Are Libs secretly in LOVE with Rush and like making his 99%+ Accuracy Rating go up?


Rush sure knows his vermin in fact he will give a mini seminar at PGI later this month on predicting liberal behaivor

I watched Fox for the 1st time the different day (I watched it on a pal’s satellite tv for pc television) and that i became very much stunned to confirm the outright and blatant suitable-wing bias in it. the point of reporting approximately information in Iraq enormously – in case you basically watched Fox you will possibly anticipate that each and every thing became going swimmingly, that there became no civil conflict and easily everyone enjoyed the U. S. forces. that’s not the case. i’ve got as a results of fact that found out that it became the undertaking of an learn via the self sufficient television cost (uk’s television watchdog) for alleged bias – it somewhat is annoying to get the ITC to inspect something, so for them to even look into it it had to be exceptionally undesirable. i’ve got not watched Rush Limbaugh, yet from what I hear from good materials, he’s barely somewhat much less rabidly suitable-wing than Hitler. You communicate approximately getting each and every of the techniques – nicely you’re actually not getting it and could not get it on Fox. attempt going to somebody like the BBC. you in all probability won’t like what you’re listening to i.e. the fact particularly than some sunny suitable-wing propaganda, yet a minimum of you would be getting each and every of the techniques particularly than a selective biased version of it.

Hey idiot. Liberals aren’t attacking Cain. Why would Liberals want to take out Cain when he’s obviously a weak candidate on the national stage. If Liberals DID want to spring the info about the sexual harassment, they would have held on to that bomb until he was facing Obama directly.

Rush tells you what to think, and you think it. That’s why you think he is right. The rest of us can see through his BS.

Cain said Perry was behind the leak to the media. Now you and Rush are going to tell us that Perry is a liberal and a Democrat.

You couldn’t be more wrong. We liberals were praying Cain would get the nomination. It’s a bummer that all this is happening. Would’ve been an easy win for Obama.

Boss Limpaw is an ignorant hater.

It is a FACT that Cain settled a charge of sexual harassment. It is not &quot:made up.&quot: FAIL.

can you tell me the name of a Democrat that is attacking Cain? link, please

because when I see clips of Cain mishandling the questions, he is always on FOX news

You listen to that fat drug addled hypocrite?

Sharon Bialek is a REPUBLICAN working for Republicans to end Cain’s Presidential campaign.

The Dems have been silent on this issue just watching your circus clowns react!

I predict Rush will suffer from Pyles around his anus and will need a topical cream applied daily.

so, you’re saying that if a candidate gains in the polls… the other side will attack him?


lol… I mean, it’s so rare for people in politics to attack anyone… for him to pinpoint this attack so accurately is… uncanny?

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