Where is the secret place to hide your things?

Where you used to hide your things?
What kind of things is that?
Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. LOL

Well, me, I used to hide my love letters when I was in secondary school &amp: the place I hide it is inside my book! So that, it will be with me always! But unfortunately, my dad found out one day, when he was checking my book! 🙁 huhu

The ”secret” place is simply the most least expected to be secret to anyone 🙂
That’s my secret place which could be just where you are staring at but not suspect…lols~

I’ll hide some in the attic except my watch Bvlgari Diagono Professional Aria that was given to me by my wife at our 15th wedding anniversary was hidden somewhere in the house if Im not using it. It easy to find but no one will suspect that you put something in there.

I have a 1,500 pound gun safe with the floor lined with another 500 pounds of lead – making it weigh 2,000 pounds when empty. This is where I stash all of my valuables. It has a locking mechanism that requires both a key and a combination.

my mum constantly raids my room to &quot:clean&quot: while i’m away
(god i can’t wait to move out)
so basically.. at the back of the bottom drawer under my desk under some books.
works pretty well 8)

Software, info and untangible things like that I keep it in my laptop

Hardware, inside my college luggage bad

my head and my heart. sometimes I couldn’t find things that I kept there – they must be hiding somewhere in my head and my heart 🙂

i use my closet to hide my clothes


in my laptop

My Bed *O* xD

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