What is your best cleaning tip / greatest cleaning discovery?

I have to confess – cleaning has turned somewhat into a fetish for me! I am nesting as I’m about to have a baby so just reading about cleaning tips is exciting ha ha! Just wondering what the best cleaning tip you have is? Or your greatest discovery? I’m looking for more inspiration! Thanks

Baking soda for stove tops, pans, bake ware, definitely the only thing to use for cast iron pans, showers, tubs, sinks, tea stained plastic glasses or pitchers, basically any surface. Baking soda cleans without scratching the surface. Do not use with a scratch pad when cleaning a stove top. The baking soda will not scratch, but the scratchpad will scratch the paint on a stove top. I found out about baking soda after using a scratch pad when my stove was new. It didn’t even take off the little specs that were burned on! Since then I only use baking soda and a dish cloth. It is remarkable how easily things can clean up with baking soda! It is even great to put a little on your toothpaste and brush your teeth. You will notice a difference in the clean feeling. It is not abrasive, and they use it in my dental office to clean teeth when getting a cleaning. You can add some to the shampoo in your hand when washing your hair. It will take off any build up from hair products and leave your hair squeaky clean.
You can use it in your laundry also. When my pastry cloth doesn’t smell fresh after washing, I will wash it in the sink with baking soda, then rewash it and it is fresh again. It just gets things cleaned better than detergents alone.

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I remember the ‘nesting’ days well! How wonderful it was to come home with a new baby and the house be spotlessly clean. 🙂

Hydrogen peroxide works great at getting out blood stains. Just be sure you use COLD water, as warm or hot water will set the stain and you’ll never get it out.

Baking soda in the wash will soften clothes and towels, it boosts the cleaning power of laundry detergent, and it’s cheap!

White vinegar in the final rinse also helps to soften laundry, as it strips out all detergent. And it’s cheap! If you want scent, you can add some FS to it.

There are so many uses for baking soda and vinegar, I could never list them all, so I’ve posted links below.

Hope this helps, and enjoy your precious little one! 🙂

I have a cloth for wiping round my sink area, at the end of the day I pop it in the dishwasher (in one of the sections where I would put knifes) and it comes out like new especially if I have wiped up after tea or coffee spills.
You can buy a spay (I try to get Sparkle) which is wax free, so can be used on mirrors and tiles, but then on wooden surfaces as well, so you only need to buy one can which you can use everywhere, and it leaves the surfaces clean, dust free, and smelling nice.

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Congratulations on your pregnancy !

I am loving Bath Power by Ozkleen.
I bought it in Tescos and it is so amazing, my bath and sinks all looks sparkly and new and you only have to leave it a few minutes.
Even the horrible tiles that were beige when we moved in have been restored to white again yayyy.

Plus I think it has no chlorine, ammonia or phosphates in it which is great if you’re pregnant.
Also just checked their website and it isn’t tested on animals !

safe for baby cleaners:
baking soda
lemon juice

I am with Girl’s answer. &quot:How clean is your house?&quot: on BBC is a great source. The ladies have the solutions to almost every cleaning dilemma. Go to the BBC web sight and to the show. They have many tips and you can search for solutions.

Make-up wipes (especially the range from Poundland), Wet wipes or Baby wipes.

Perfect for:
wiping off greasy marks on sides
getting fresh stains out of carpets or clothes (even red wine!)

Genius! and if you are having a baby these are absolutely perfect because you’ll need to stock up on them anyway.

baking soda
washing soda cheaper than baking soda more powerful turns into baking soda when left in contact with air for some time
PTFE spray on rain ware, shoes and the like . no dirt sticks , give the item a shake all dust and dirt falls away , v expensive though
silicone spray for walking shoes and raincoats

Lolol you sound like you belong in the funny farm, just kidding 🙂

You should watch episodes of &quot:How clean is your house?&quot: If you have the BBC America Channel, if not watch it online you will never wanna stop cleaning again.

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