what is the most important part of your body?

some people say that your heart,brain,eyes,or lunge are the important body part.
i don’t now which is true.

my dick.

Balls are a close second.

All the ones you mentioned (heart, brain, lungs) require each other to function. Skin’s pretty important too. Keeps all the germs out and bones hold everything together. You can’t really pick one.

Well, i could live couple seconds w/o using my Heart, brain or lungs,
Could live forever without my eyes

But if you had no blood, i dont think you would last long at all

Heart, it pumps blood throughout your body otherwise you wouldn’t be able to live.Not that a brain and lungs aren’t important because they are. You can survive without eyes and one lung.

Heart and brain.

uhh prly brain and heart and lungs lol
eyes arnt nearly as important as those.

Above all your heart. With out it, nothing else can function- it pumps blood to everything!


not eyes because you can live without them

without your heart you cant live… ill leave that up to you…

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