What Do You Think Of This Statement By Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir?

Golda Meir, told a group of visiting rabbis: Anyone who intermarries joins the six million [killed in the Holocaust].

it is a narrow minded statement-but it may well be her opinion—cant say as i see any logic in it but as i dont have a dog in that fight i will leave it up to the jewish nation to judge her—-keep smiling and enjoy the night

Well I got the link finally with a google search. Here is the quote embeded in this text. But this is very long and nearly about 5 sevenths of the way down the page.

The destruction of the young Israeli Jew continues on many fronts. Following Shocken’s article, a letter appeared in Haaretz in support of it, from &quot:the point of view of health [sic].&quot: The writer was a member of Kibbutz Ayelet Ha’Shachar, the well known guest house to which unwary simple, naive Jewish tourists go and spend money. How few know that the kibbutzim which they visit and around which is spread the aura of proud, new Jewishness are among the great enemies of the Jewish people and against everything in which the simple Jew believes. The writer, one Chaim Catzori, writes:

&quot:The religious ban on intermarriage in Israel will weaken the nation in the long run from a physical and genetic point of view. We must look upon every Israeli citizen who fulfills his national obligations, whether he be Jew or Arab, as a candidate for intermarriage —for the sake of the immunization of the nation.&quot:

Of course, the Jewish people, over the thousands of years of &quot:Ezra’s curse,&quot: has been thoroughly weakened. Its list of scholars and intellectuals and scientists and artists and Nobel prize winners clearly proves the kibbutznik’s thesis. Its armed forced are clear evidence that the leftist is correct and that we must hasten to ban the ban. This pitiful tripe is Exhibit One in the trial of Israeli Hellenism. It is hatred of Judaism par excellence. The young Israeli secularist watches and learns. He has watched for years. He watched in the wake of the magnificent Six Day War. At that time Golda Meir, speaking out against assimilation (she was one of those who of course believed Jews should be a separate people but could not articulate why to the new Hebrew she was raising), and told a group of visiting rabbis:

&quot:Anyone who intermarries joins the six million [killed in the Holocaust].&quot:

Immediately, the political party Moked, the forerunner of the present Ratz party of Shulamit Aloni and Yosi Sarid, placed a large ad reading:

&quot:Is that true? Is Jewish identity determined today by ties of birth alone? Would Saul Tchernichovsky [the pagan Jewish poet who intermarried] be considered dead to Hebrew culture?

&quot:Remember! A nation is not a tribe and society is not a community. A state is not a ghetto.&quot:

Of course this attack on the basic identity of the Jewish people is not lost on the young Jew who will always be braver and more logical than timid elders. What is being sown is the death of any logical reason for a Jewish State or to be &quot:Jewish&quot: at all. For the young Israeli Jew will carry the logic of Moked to its conclusion. He will reason:

&quot:A human is not a tribe or a nation or a state. He is part of a world community of humans that sees no difference between peoples and rejects flags and all other national symbols of ‘difference,’ including Zionism and its separation of Jews from other people.&quot:

The war against Judaism is one that, if successful, would destroy Zionism and the Jewish people. It is impossible that the Hellenists do not understand it. The conclusion is that they do, but that this is precisely what they want and have not the courage to come out and say it.

You need to remember that Golda lived through War 2 and Hitler and most of the world especially in Europe did almost nothing tto save them. It is understandable to me why she would say that: and fortunately times have changed.

I know devout Jews who see intermarriage as a form of genocide. I don’t agree, but then I’m not devout about any religion. I’m also not in favor of anything that keeps two people who love each other from being able to be with each other. But I do understand what Mrs. Meir was saying.

It’s true.

Those who intermarry join the multitude of Jews murdered in the Holocaust because they are ending their family’s line of Judaism. She’s not saying they SHOULD die, people who get that just aren’t listening. Intermarriage is one of the biggest threats to Judaism today. I fail to see the problem with this statement.

Do you have a link for that statement? Would like to know she really said it.
If she did, I would imagine it has something to do with Old Testament guidlines of not marrying women who worship other gods. The idea is that the woman, who would spend the most amount of time with the children, would teach them pagan religions and turn them away from God, thus ending that line within the Jews.

Who the fack cares about what Golda Meir said, she a died 30 years ago!

You got that from Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews. Chapter 12 right? Nice Cherry Picking. She was speaking out against Assimilation and the quote is used to question if being Jewish is determined by Birth instead of Belief.

F—ing disgusting if it’s true. I strongly, strongly dislike people that are opposed to Jews not dating outside of the Jewish pool. I understand somewhat where they’re coming from, what with Judaism slowly dying out, but the reason it’s dying out is BECAUSE of the Holocaust, and if Jews intermarry at least they’re marrying! How DARE they say that ANYONE should die because of who they love?!

It seems that this is but one sentance taken from a whole train of thought. Without the rest of the thoughts I can not determine any meaning. I think this is what the Christians mean when they say we have taken something out of context.

….as though the Holocaust was a punishment. Another way to think about it is that they were people found worthy to meet God.

&quot:The best of us did not make it&quot: – the notion of most Holocaust survivors, including Viktor Frankl.

Hmmmmm……didn’t know that she said that.

What I do remember about her was……

Right after the 3 day war……the Joint Chief of Staff sent her a telex and offered them any 3 American generals for Moshe Dyan.

Her reply: OK, I accept your offer. We will take General Dynamics, General Motors and General Electric.


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