What do you think about buying a teen a car for his/her 16th birthday?

I know many people are of the belief, Kids should have to work for their car and I don’t necessarily think working for a car is bad. But I fail to see how buying them one AS A GIFT is any different than buying them any other gift they’ve ever received. If one has raised their children to be grateful and thankful for what they get, buying them a car for their birthday shouldn’t have any adverse effects on his/her character, right?
I ask this because we had planned to buy our son a car for his 16th (before we found out we are moving to another country) and many people had negative comment to make. What do you think?

I seriously doubt that buying a kid a car is going to magically transform a centered, decent kid into a spoiled brat.

However, my dad used to brag about how he bought his first car with his own money. I bought my own first car, too (though I did borrow one of my parents’ cars for a summer). And annoying as my dad’s comments used to be, I’m kind of proud of the fact that I did it, too. So I think it’s kind of an unexpected long-term favor to let a kid take that big step on their own where it’s feasible.

hope the move is to someplace you’re happy about.

clever. i will keep spain in mind as an option to keep my blood pressure down. when my kids are pushing 16.

It depends on your kid. I myself am 17, and I consider myself quite mature and ambitious for my age. Hoping to go to Harvard, and no, I do not have my own car.

With that said, I basically have free use of one of my parents’ cars. However, I would not trust most kids at my school (as a parent) with their own car. Kids are generally too immature, but yours may be an exception.

It also depends on what kind of parents you are. If you’re the kind who constantly hassle your kid, asking where he’s going and why and getting angry (or prohibiting his freedom) when he gives an honest response, you very likely will have a pathological liar on your hands. If you’re fairly open, you most likely will not have any problems.

I think he’s one lucky 16 year old!

My opinion – Just like what my parents did for me. I worked to pay for half of it and they paid for the other half.

But you know what – there’s nothing wrong with wanting to give him the car. I think my parents would have just given me the car if they could have (they were going thru a divorce at the time, money was tight).

I got a used car (it had been in the family for years) for my 15th birthday. (You could get your license at 15 then.)
It was a godsend for my parents, because I was then responsible for getting my sisters to school — and after school, I could drive myself to work and after-school activities.
I was a fine, relatively responsible driver but I did not take very good care of the car. No one thought to tell me you had to check the oil … ooops.
I think buying a kid a brand new car is sort of ridiculous: but a high-schooler with a reliable used car, for some families, can be a real blessing.

I honestly would never do it.

I’m a believer that if they want something big like that, they ought to work for it. Gifts are meant to be smaller things. A car is a major purchase, and one people should make for themselves.

My parents did give one of my brothers a car, but it was one they bought very cheaply and he had to buy the parts to restore it himself. They basically gave him a shell of a car and said, &quot:If you want it to run, restore it yourself.&quot: He worked for 3 years restoring it and it’s absolutely gorgeous now – 1946 Morris.
Working for something teaches them pride in owning something they worked for and own 100% themselves – there’s no pride in it if you never worked for it.

if the child is grateful and respectful and if they have good grades and are just a all around amazing child. BRING ON THE CAR. that is amazing if you are able to do that.
carrie. good luck in spain, blessings to you and your family,

I paid for half of mine…. I was a good kid who didn’t get in trouble and worked for everything. It means a lot more when you earn it. I know some people my age who were good, worked for stuff and were given their car and treated it like crap… And some who worked for them who treated it like crap!

I personally will pay for half of Jamie’s, matched dollar for dollar so if he gets 10k, I’ll kick in 10k.

My parents bought me my first car at 16, but I had a job and I paid them back for it. I wasn’t ungrateful at all.

Too early. Wait until they are 18-20

Unless ur a rich parent from &quot:my super swt 16&quot: then i think its ridiculous to buy a 16 yr a car

YES! Give me my car mom!

— your kid

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