what are the difference between catholicism, christianity, lutheran, baptist, mormon, and amish?

what are the biggest belief differences among these religions, and cannot they all follow simple guidelines such as love thy neighbor, forgive and forget, gods will not mine, and live and let live? Proof that they follow none of those tenets is that so many of them the world over fight over religion and religious differences. Does it really, really matter whose religion, if any, is right? they are all wrong and distorted as they get passed down over time. Currently none can possibly be in the original format that they were first written in.

First, Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, Mormons, and Amish all profess faith in Christ. So all of them are Christians and a part of Christianity.

Roman Catholicism believes that the Bishop of Rome has authority over all Christians. He is named the Pope. He is considered to be infallible on matters of doctrine and the church. All Roman Catholics are supposed to accept his authority and live by the rulings of the church.

Lutherans have their heritage in Martin Luther. He was a monk in the Roman Catholic Church who was deeply troubled by certain teachings of the church. He stood up against indulgences and other troubled practices of the church. When he was excommunicated from the church he set up his own church which know bears his name.

Sadly if the Roman Catholic leaders had accepted his reforms (which they did shortly after his reformation) there would not be a Protestant Church. In many ways the Roman Catholics remain very similar to the Roman Catholics. They however believe in consubstantiation instead of transubstantiation. The difference between these teachings is very hard and beyond the scope of this question.

Baptists were a splinter group called anabaptists in Europe. One of their most important beliefs is the rejection of infant baptism. They believe all who are to be baptized should be adults. They also believe that baptism must be by complete immersion or it is not valid.

The Mormons believe in the Old and New Testaments. However they also follow a &quot:new&quot: book which most other Christian churches reject. They believe that Joseph Smith received a divine revelation that a &quot:lost&quot: tribe in Israel came upon America and became the &quot:Indians&quot:. His &quot:revelation&quot: carried some new teachings. It is this factor that allows some to believe they are a &quot:cult&quot:. They are not a cult. However the &quot:Book of Mormon&quot: is rejected to the best of my knowledge by every other Christian Church.

The Amish are groups of people who share religious values and a belief in simple living. They do not use cars, electrical machines (drills, lights, refrigerators, etc.). They are a very quiet and noble people who are highly respected by their neighbors.

Hope this helps.

Pastor John

Edit: You have seen some answers that talk about the &quot:true&quot: church. Understand that this reflects THEIR beliefs only. The truth is that only God can &quot:Judge&quot: the churches. And all the churches will answer before him. I have tried not to judge any of the churches in my answer for just this reason. Each church has great value.

Catholics as an example have a rich liturgical tradition. However they are weak in other areas. The Mormons are often criticized. Yet they are the most family oriented church I know. Their families are strong and very faith oriented. I could keep going.

No reason, except man’s ego, that ALL can not &quot:love their neighbor&quot:… but it ain’t going to happen in this world…

There is ONLY One Chruch. It is composed of ALL who are of The True Christian Faith. There are some of The Church in most of the &quot:denominations&quot: generaly concidered &quot:Christian&quot:… but…

There are none of The Church to be found among those who profess the &quot:mormon&quot: beliefs… the teaching of the mormons is not. in any way, Christian.

There are some, a few, within the &quot:Catholics&quot: who are of The True Christian Faith… but none of the leadership is of The Church… no one of The True Christian Faith would teach such dogma as the Catholics teach

of the others you cite the Amish are probably the most extream in their practices… but there are True Christians among them…

Baptists and Lutherans are &quot:denominations&quot:(man invented orginizations) which do indeed have many among them who are of The Church….. but

God is not concerned with &quot:denominations&quot:… when God calls The Church to Him there will be a great many of every &quot:denomination&quot: who will not get to go….as they are not of The Church…

To fully answer you would take volumes of reading and much study….
If you have a question concerning The True Christian Faith feel free to email me… one honest question will receive one honest answer to the best of my ability… if you would like to check me out first you may at:

They’re all Christian.

Catholics believe Christ established a Church under the rule of St. Peter. We also believe that Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition are equal weight in authority and these are interpreted by our living Magesterium. Holy Communion, in the Catholic Church, is believed to become the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ Our Lord during the Mass, which is our Sunday worship service. It is the one true Church and has a rich history of devotions and traditions.

Lutherans broke away from the Catholic Church in the 1500’s led by a man named Martin Luther who rejected the authority of the Pope and the idea of Sacred Tradition. His followers believe the Bible is the sole rule of Faith. They do not believe Communion become body, bloody, soul and divinity except in that they believe Christ is present ‘with and in’ the bread and wine. This is consubstantiation.

The Baptists generally believe in a doctrine called once saved always saved, wherein a man or woman prays a sinner’s prayer and they are saved forever (the two beliefs above require baptism for salvation. Baptists, sort of ironically, do not). They pride themselves on being able to memorize scripture, and I’ve never met one who did not consder the Catholic Church the whore of babylon spoken of at the end of the Bible.

Mormons are also break-aways from a Protestant church, and they believe that God lives on a planet called Kolob and that Christ and Satan are spiritual children of that god (God the Father). Souls are created when God the Father has sex with his Spiritual wife and the Mormons on Earth create bodies for them. Man can become a god and be with his family forever, ruling over his own planet, if he is a good Mormon.

The Amish are a strict group of plainspeople. They reject most all modern conveniences and live according to a rule known as ‘ordnung’ which is Pennsylvanian Dutch for ‘order’. They dress very plainly and have little to do with the English. To join their church can take up to fifteen years sometimes of proving your sincerity and interest.

As you can see, if you belive in Heaven and hell, then it would very much be important which doctrine you believed as they are all so different. They can’t all be right (though they are acurately translated throughout the generations till today).

day light and dark is the difference, Catholic is totally false, Lutheran in major error,Mormom is totally false, and Amish well they missed the boat, the only one that has teeth and truth in it is the Baptist, they still hold to the truth that was first handed down, I am sure their is some error but the main and most important things are still intact.

Catholics are Christians for one thing as are all the others but Amish i believe *drink*

There are as many religions as there are people. Therefore each person would have to tell you the differences as they pertain to themselves.

And there are diversities of activities, but it is the same God who works all in all.

One thing is clear, god is not good at all at articulating things, because he failed to clearly explain what the heck he wants even to people who believe in him.

All agree that Jesus is the true Son Of God, except Mormons !!!

It would be mpossible for the Amish to electrocute you….

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