What are the best at home jobs? I need some extra money without paying any.?

I am trying to find a work at home job that is not a scam, survey, or have to pay any money to start. I need a little exrta income as everyone else at this time, and can not afford and will not pay to get an at home job. I feel if you are hired by anyother company you wouldn’t have to pay, so the same consept as this is the only one I am searching for. Can anyone help me?

Hi Marie,
I’m reading the first answer that says they are all scams. That’s silly and totally incorrect. I’ve been making money in various ways on the Web for many years. I’ve never been scammed, but maybe I know what to avoid too, and that person didn’t. Sure there are plenty scams sites out there, but there are plenty more legitimate make money websites.

The next two answers suggest survey sites. Let me tell you that I spent a lot of time on survey sites when I first started. You end up making about $5 per hour. That’s not gonna cut it!

My favorite after trying out many is at http://Paymentkey.com. I was a bit skeptical when I first saw it, but they give you several ways to earn cash.

They’ll pay you to fill out applications and to get product samples. Another way: You get paid to get these trial products. You have to pay for shipping, like $3, but then they pay you $10 so you make a profit of $7. It’s just another way they offer.

Also, they’ll pay you to write on different websites. It’s called Writearn. The instructions are pretty long, just so you are prepared!

Btw, it’s free to join and use. I hope that helps you.

There are several ways you can look into to find out if a company your looking into is a scam or not. One is checking with the BBB. This cuts out a lot of investigations. If the company is registered with the BBB then you know that they are a legitament company because the BBB does all the inside work. Only members of the BBB are legitament businesses. The BBB investigates this part.

You cant unless there is a fee.
The system at http://computerincome.ws website is $10 month you can pay via pay pal its easy.
You will earn more than the fee in the first week if you spend time on the computer to set it up.
Good luck

i did this quick all you have to do is sign up and complete surveys nothing to pay i am 14 and i do it i hated when things said free and they were not but this web site is free and you will get three dollars just for signing up it is free and you really do get paid and like i said it works for me and i am only 14


They are all scams, I sincerely suggest you to stay away from this BS.

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