The ‘Black’ Vote, The ‘Hispanic’ Vote, Women Voters, The Christian Vote – Why Aren’t Muslims Included In This?

The Muslim Vote ? Where’s the news stories talking about that ?…….there’s also the ‘feminist’ vote, the black males vote, the white males vote, the black women’s vote, the white women’s vote.

Everybody from political pundits, analysts, poll-takers, the media, and the candidates themselves speak of these focus groups, yet none of them will touch ‘The Muslim Vote’ with a ten-foot pole .

I’m sure there’s more than one reason so please tell me ‘why’ you think this is avoided ?

Too much negativity and too much of a minority to matter.

Atheists of either gender vote quietly. I suspect that most of us reject conservative Republicans, and ALL Christians (whether &quot:true&quot: or not) will NOT vote for a Muslim, as the religious bigotry goes both ways (run for President of Iran if you’re Christian – see how far you don’t get). Paying attention to the atheist vote would stigmatize any politician in a predominantly Christian country like the U.S. When the U.S. embraces the ideals of secular humanism (and it will, someday, because today’s religion is tomorrow’s myth), religious affiliation will have as much worth as…a U.S. penny.

Surely you can’t compare the Muslim vote to any of the others you’ve listed?.The others DO MAKE UP A SUBSTANTIAL SEGMENT OF THE POPULATION.Do your homework.What percentage of the entire population of USA does the Muslim community make up? I don’t know, but I’ll bet that it isn’t even close to the other ones you’ve listed.Therefore, I think you’ve probably answered your own question.

There isn’t Muslim running????
I know he is being accused of &quot:being One&quot:, but he is a practicing Christian so if the media were to go on about &quot:A Muslim vote &quot: they may be seen as being dare I say it racist.

Because there aren’t so many Muslims that it will make a big difference. and if the media reported on this it would just be to sabotage the person they want to vote for. &quot:if a Muslim wants to vote for him that must mean he’s a terrorist.&quot:

Because they make up less than half of 1% of America’s voting population.

Same reason Jews ,Indians and satanists are not included .
Statistically they make up such a small group that they can not be a determining factor in an election .

Because most of then are going to Obama and the media would never put him under such scrutiny.

Where is the &quot:White Male&quot: vote? White males are discriminated against more than anyone.

what Randy said


who’d run the 7—-11 while they were out voting?

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