Straight ppl, pls explain: how is it some of you insist homosexuals are not born gay?

How do you know better than they?

Here’s some info I’d like you to consider in responding.
Regular sex chromosomes are XX (female) and XY (male). There are babies born XXY, XXX, XYY. There are intersex children (born with both sexes). There are children flooded in the womb with the hormones androgen or testosterone, more than half of which grow up to be gay or lesbian. Homosexuality also runs for generations in some families strongly suggesting a genetic link for some. And… ppl who can change from a gay to straight relationship or visa versa are not homosexual. They are bisexual. Bisexuality is not valid reasons to claim homosexuality is a choice.

Anyway, I’m very curious how you know so much more than those who live the life.

I think it’s most likely that some are born gay, and some are born with inclinations toward homosexuality that are cemented by experiences and associations. Either way, whether you support the theory that homosexuality is congenital or it’s socially constructed, I don’t see where it makes any difference whatsoever.

It’s like this: if people are born gay, we should respect their immutable nature and not give them crap, and if people become gay, we should respect their right to live how they want to live in the interests of their self-actualization and not give them crap.

Either way, it’s not cool to give homosexuals crap for being who they are and want to be. I don’t know more than they do, but in a sense, it’s not important to me. I support people living how they want to live — whether by choice or design.

By the way, intersexuality doesn’t really correlate neatly to issues of sexuality and gender identity. However, it is an interesting fact to take into consideration because it challenges our notions of normalcy and what is considered &quot:natural.&quot:

I’m not sure if they are born gay or not. I’m not an expert and I don’t try to look like one. But I know that they are different from the majority.

Science/genetics has NOT prooven that a person is born gay. It is a choice. JUst like being promiscuous is a choice and like being a paedophile is a choice. People arent born murderers or thieves or adulterers, its all to do with choices. One may be naturally inclined to be a certain way in any of the above, but you overcome that in life, and so you should!

Homosexuality is a sin. I don’t believe that homosexuals are born that way. However it really doesn’t matter to me one way or another. We are all born into sin. Yeshua (Jesus) came to and died on the cross to redeem us from our sin. What we have to do is turn to Him and turn from our sins. You will still slip up and sin. We all have and all will at some point. However you cannot have premeditated sin. If you are claiming to the title &quot:homosexual&quot: you are showing that you still plan to engage in the sinful lifestyle and the redemption power of the L-rd Yeshua cannot cover you.

I am straight and have always been of the opinion that homosexuals were born homosexual. You are absolutely right, who am I (or anyone) to know what another feels or knows without being in that person’s shoes.

All I know is is that I am bisexual. I don’t remember ever choosing between being straight or bi or a lesbian, I just did what was natural for me.

Apparently, the straight people who think that are certain that THEY could and might suddenly CHOOSE to be gay THEMSELVES at any moment.

Rachel: Thanks for being so honest. 🙂

I don’t think they were born homosexual anymore than I was born heterosexual. It’s the hormones’ fault. My hormones –without my input!– insisted that I be heterosexual.

is someone born an adulterer, or born toward any particular sin? i think not. and since attributes and characteristics you are brn with are passed on by your parents, how could someone be born gay? they would have to have two male or two female parents. impossible. and, GOD does NOT make ANYONE gay, drunk, gambler, etc.

I believe that homosexuals are born gay, however I know identical twins and one of them is gay and one is straight. So this brings up some controversy in my mind.

well believing in God, reading His word why would He make anybody gay? this is an abomination to Him and He wouldnt do this. but see unless you study His word and believe in Him you wouldnt understand. people are always trying to pass the blame on someone else and in this case they are blaming the creator. i guess ill never understand the saying &quot:born this way&quot:

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