Spiritually Speaking: How would I go about obtaining measurements for an Ark around here?


I’d say it’s about time I hauled one out around here.

Have you tried praying to the Ark Angel? If this doesn’t resonate for you, try the Arkives.

i am Sirius

That isn’t necessarily true with today’s technology. A lot of lesbians are using artificial insemination and not to mention a lot of homosexual couples have adopted and I think adoption agencies should allow more same sex couples to adopt seeing as how there are so many orphaned children in the U.S. and statistics have shown that more kids go into the system then the percentage that come out. So besides this, I think more than anything it is a religious issue. In all of the major religions they say that homosexuality is wrong. And because of the example alone, millions of people have hate and misunderstand homosexuals and don’t know how to mind their own business to allow people to live however they want and love whoever they want. There are so many bogus excuses against the LGBT community but if it wasn’t for all of these religious texts everywhere I am sure millions more people would not have a problem with us.

You now have a Fjord at least you don’t need to pine for one so maybe make a raft and play that film with Tom Hanks in it.

…..(wtfeck wuzzit called? *searching*….. DOH!)

EDIT: Joking aside, that’s some horrendous conditions you have over there I hope you your friends and family and everyone are going to be safe.
America’s government should not have spent everyone’s money on wars on the otherside of the world and sorted out the flood defence system if there was obviously a potential problem.

I think watching ”Bruce Almighty” would give some optimistic Americans the inspiration they need to this end.

Seriously though, I’ve been following the news, and it all sounds awful. People actually died not being able to cope with the flood. I understand people from my nation dying from floods because we lack the basics of disaster management, but…..the US is supposed to be different.

Either it took them by surprise or the flood’s way stronger and harsher than was anticipated.

Edit: Or was that ”Evan Almighty”…..damn these movies and all their similar names…..

If you’re in Tenn. I hear there’s a big ol’ Ark. on the other side of the Mississippi.

I’ll toss out the boring answer since no one else has

Genesis 6:15-16

the modern True Believer uses a john boat. quit being so uppity.

im not helping you with any more measurements!!! last time i did, you made me take your inseam 8 times. 8 times! you kept saying ‘higher! further!’ and just totally ignoring me when i said that i thought the inseam should have stopped before that wet and warm spot. …whatever that was


Well: apparently, they uncovered the original Ark 12,000 feet above ground level, on Mt. Ararat, in Turkey. Just bring a tape measure with you and knock yourself out.

What units are you using?

Cubits, or have you gone metric like all those tower builders outside Babylon?

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