Should i maintain a relationship with my EX Wife?

My EX Wife Alicia was recently involved in a serious car accident. She was in the hospital for awhile and i visited her a lot and spent a lot of time with her She told me she would love to redo our marriage because she would do so many things differently. We got married at 18 refusing to listen to our parents disapproval only our love. After we got married things took a turn for the worst we argued all the time rarely had sex and at the very end weren’t sleeping in the same bed together. We got divorced after a year on amicable terms. Shortly after i met my girlfriend Adriana. Adriana and i have been together for a year now and she is pregnant. She doesn’t want me around Alicia and told me i still have feelings for her. I considered getting back together with her and she told me she wants to but i couldn’t leave Adriana and my baby. I still want to maintain a relationship with Alicia as friends i will always care about her. I don’t know if i should because Adriana doesn’t want me around her at all and Alicia still wants to get back together. Should i maintain a relationship with her?

You should maintain a distant relationship with your ex-wife and respect your current wife’s feelings. And I mean… very distant.

I think you need to decide who you really love. You don’t sound like you love Adriana if she has to tell you to stay away from your ex Alicia. Marrying Adriana just for the sake of the child will never work because your heart will be divided. If you love your ex-wife and want to get back together then pursue that…if you know that you no longer love her or want to be with her…then close that chapter of your life and move forward with Adriana.
You are not being fair to either girl with a divided heart. Make a choice.

Ooh listen to you
cake and eat it in true style.
It’s dangerous to your current relationship THAT in itself should sound alarm bells ringing.
First wife is fragile and vunerable that appeals to that side of you.
She is more than happy to break up what you have right now.
You have actually spoken of such things to her ( unbelievable)

No wonder the mother if your soon arriving baby is concerned… She must be terrified. how can you do this to her in her condition?
Maybe you don’t feel love and respect for her?

You will do what you want to do in the end, because it seems that’s what you do.

So I will wish the mother of your child all the very best in life and health.


If you really love girlfriend and your unborn child she’s carrying then you shouldn’t maintain a relationship with her. It will only lead to bad things. Maybe help your ex out by introducing her to someone else.

Oh dear, you really do have to think about why you left your wife in the first place. It certainly isn’t fair on your girlfriend or baby to live in the past and continue to have a friendship with your ex.Lots to think about. Good luck with your decision.

that is in common terms customary for him to wish to maintain a dating with them- they have been his kin . He, in spite of the undeniable fact that , ought to have not any concern civilly asking them to handle his destiny spouse with admire .

Who do you want? You can’t go back into history. It bites. Better to venture into the future.


Answer is nooo…


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