Should I let my 6 yr old vacation out of the country???

ok my 6 yr old sons father walked out on him when he was 3 yrs old he has been in TKD since shortly after that. His Sensei has been like a father to him for the past 3 yrs. His Sensei goes on vacation in different countries every summer and stays for about 3 weeks. This year he asked if he could take my son with him. I know it would be an awesome experience for my child, something I could never dream of doing. So should I lt him go or not?

I don’t know. Is their a way you could also go? If he goes, would you have to pay for any part of the trip? Has he been away from you for any length of time before?Does he know of the offer? What is your gut telling you?
On the plus side, it is a great opportunity, and sounds like it would be fun for him.
On the down side, that is just plain scary no matter how much you trust him to let your son go somewhere without you for any length of time.
Personally I would decline let the Sensei know you greatly appreciate the offer, but you just aren’t ready to let him travel without you, and that if in the future he is willing again to offer, you may be more willing, but for now you would prefer to be with him.
If you are willing to let him go, make sure he is ready and understands that 3 weeks is a long time, but you will be home and ready for him when he returns.
Good luck that is a hard decision!

No you should not let him go. At six he is not going to really grasp the full benefit of that kind of vacation and of course the obvious is he will miss his mother. I have a 5 year old son and I know he would have a fit if he didn’t see me for three weeks. To send your child with this man would be irresponsible and I think it’s questionable that the sensei didn’t ask you to go along as well. A person that has your child’s best interest in mind would never keep your son away from you for that long at such a young age.

Clearly you have some reservations since you are asking the question if he should go. If you truly trusted this man completely, why are you asking complete strangers what to do? And what does your family say about this situation?

Im sorry you are not getting the answers you are wanting. people are by nature untrusting. and Im afraid to say, I agree with them. I would not let any of my sons go anywhere alone with a male like that, especially someone who is just a sensei… if he were going with other parents and other kids then perhaps I would think about it, but not at 6 years of age.

You came on here to ask people what their thoughts were, and the majorty of people saw a red light and dont think they could send their child off happily Im sorry these are not the answers you were wanting.

This isnt a camp, this is ONE man, wanting to take your son on holiday for 3 weeks. unless you have this sensei over for tea every week and know him as a real friend for the past 3 years then I would find it suspicious.

At the end of the day it is your decision.. goodluck with it.

tough question, how does he interact with children outside the dojo? there is a big difference in being able to handle children for a couple of hours a day versus 24/7 for 3 weeks straight. What will they be doing out of the country? Where will they be going? Is it just your son’s sensei and your son going or will there be other people also? what about insurance for your son out of country? how would an emergency situation be handled, you have to have something in writing giving this person medical power of attorney to act on your behalf in case of an emergency. I would strongly suggest that you and Sensei sit down and have a long talk about the above questions and anything else that may come up. How will your son react to being thousands of miles away from you for 3 weeks and how will you react to not having him near you? Unless you trust this person 100% to basically be you in all situations dealing with your son for 3 weeks and are 100% secure and comfortable that everything will be handled the way you would want it handled then I say No.

I think he would get homesick very quickly. I’m 14, and my mother has been on the other side of the country for a month, and I really miss her, despite my age of adolescence. I think this would be great if you would go along, but also since your child is six, he probably won’t remember as much of the trip as you or the sensei would. I think it would be safe, but I really don’t think it would be something he would enjoy for 3 whole weeks.

Brutal, only you know the answer to this.

How well do you know the family? Is his wife responsible?

Knowing him is great but the family is going. No one responding knows what kind of relationship the Sensei has with your child.

I have an 8 year old and I would not let her go.

Good experience but honestly, 6 years old is too young to know the significance of traveling abroad. When he is 18 do you think that the trip to Germany will be on his mind? He will not remember it.

What will you be doing during the same time period? I would be greatly concerned. Even though the Sensai has been part of his life, don’t you think you should be taking him places to build great memories? My parents took my brother and I all over the united states on vacations until I went into the service. Those were the best times I ever had. If you feel that you have to let your son go, then you really need to look at your lifestyle and take time for him. No job is so important that you have to neglect your child.

Hard question to answer. Depends how well you know this person. Sounds like it could be a excellent experience for your son. As parents , we all feel lost when our child ventures out even a sleep over at their friends. However, we do get over this. My Husband &amp: I belong to the Big Brothers and Sisters organization. We often take this little boy who is 7 camping and he has been to the USA with us to Disney Land. Everything looks fine to me. I would let him go for sure.
( Canadain Mom of 4 Boys )

Six year olds don’t know and can’t possibly appreciate what country they are in! Never, never, never. It would NOT be the awesome experience your believe it would be – that is your adult brain thinking how much YOU would enjoy this! (not to mention your guilt for his not having a father in his life). Remember, he’s 6 – not 16.

Please, please – do not do this! It’s not worth the chance you would be taking. Have you asked the question: Why would this man want to take your son along??? Who wants to go on vacation and watch someone else’s 6-year-old? This makes no sense. None.

Absolutly not!! Don’t you think hes a little young to be traveling without you? It’s likely he wont even remember the trip anyway!!! Don’t u see the news? There has been a lot of child abuse going on lately and it’s usually by a family member or someone you know!! Please, just think about ur son and his safty first before anything else.

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