question for those against animal abortion?

ive asked a few questions in this section the last week or so. i took in a stray dog and took her to get fixed and they said she was pregnant, shes less than a year old and i was advised that it would be best to have the pups aborted because shes so small. no im not trilled about killing these pups. i have a very soft heart when it comes to animals. thats the whole reason i took this sweet little stray in. so many of you told me how horrible of a person i was and that you wished the dog and pups would die because im a horrible person for letting it happen when the dog was not mine i did not breed her and anyway i was told im wrong for having the abortion done. to let her have the pups and sell them and etc. if so many people want pups why are the shelters over run with dogs that nobody will take? why do so many of you think that its so easy to get rid of pups? im not saying its impossible im just asking why bring more little puppies in the world when there are so many without homes?

I remember your original question and I know you were having a hard time deciding. I’m glad you followed your vet’s advice, for no other reason than the health of your dog that you were kind enough to take on. Please ignore anyone who tries to tell you different or make you feel bad. I believe you did the right thing and you should feel good about it.

And one thing that hasn’t been mentioned in any answer I saw….PLENTY of puppies and kittens are put to death along with the older ones. There aren’t enough homes to go around, period. I’d have a harder time having that on my conscience that getting my dog a spay/abortion.

omg im soo lost my heart is falling for you i really do not know i just do not know how too answer this question this kind of puts me in tears thinkin about this

well, I am against ANY type of abortion. but im not going to give you flack about it. just watch some videos on how harming it is, and careless. Anyways, if it is the best to do, and they owuld have health problems, talk to your vet. BUT maybe you should of got her spayed in the first place and this wouldnt of happen =]

The truth is that it is extremely easy to find puppies a good home, everyone wants puppies. You could even charge for them and they would still go fast. It is hard to get rid of adult dogs.

i think its wrong

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