Poll: What Country do you live in?

What Country would you rather like to live in?



Middle of England
I wouldn’t mind being able to &quot:over-Winter&quot: somewhere with a rather kinder climate, maybe the island of Madeira for maybe December, January, February and March. Then back to the UK: such an island of contrasts from the North of Scotland to the tip of Lands End in Cornwall.
If I had to choose another Country permanently, it would be Australia, which I’ve visited 3 times and fell in love with it and the people.

I live in London,the city I was born in ,in 1928 and have lived here all my life,I have travelled to Europe,Americas ,Africa and Asia but would only consider living in London.


I’d rather live in Canada. Since the economy there isn’t that high and much like Europe, and I assume the education there, comparing to U.S.A, is so much better.



America, **** yeah!
I can’t say, because the only other country I’ve been to is Canada.


the persons’s republic of Massachusetts. i might prefer to stay in a rustic without gay marriage, no compelled busing, no affirmative action, no minority quotas, and no democratic occasion.

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