Poll :: milk / tea / coffee / juice / water / beer / …… ?

Thank you

1. Juice
2. Iced tea, even if it isn’t on here
3. Tea or water, depending on whether or I want a hot drink or a cold one
4. I like my coffee 2/3 cream, 1/6 sugar, and just a splash of coffee
5. Milk is icky.
6. I don’t drink because I’m not old enough, so I guess I can’t really say where I would put beer. But from what I understand, you get fat not drunk and it tastes bad.

Water always comes first, then Juice and some Tea, and ugh Milk also


Juice, water and milk are good
tea is alright if its iced, only
never had the others

Tea in bed first
Espresso with breakfast, a couple of instant coffees during the day
Beer or wine with dinner (depending on what it is)

Milk, coffee &amp: juice

Coffee is my favourite 🙂


i’ll have iced tea please, thank you…..

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