LGBT: Opinions on the High School student selling Anti-Gay T-Shirts for &quot:Freedom Of Speech&quot:?

Connecticut High School student gets School to allow him to wear Anti-Gay T-shirt on campus begins to sell them to other students at the High School for Freedom Of Speech:

Opinions on the High School student selling Anti-Gay T-Shirts for Freedom Of Speech?

Shame on that school! School should be a place where students feel safe and are able to focus on their studies……kids should not have to deal with this type of bullshit harassment and yes, this is a passive- aggressive form of HARASSMENT ……that school would not have been out of line asking that jerk to take off the shirt…when you are in school you automatically don’t have all of your ‘rights’ there are rules you have to abide by. Almost all schools have dress codes that prohibit this. In my school, you weren’t even allowed to wear certain colors that were considered ‘gang colors’. Even though this was completely ridiculously , it was still done…why? In an attempt to keep the peace. If it would have been a racist shirt against a minority then everyone would certaintly be outraged so why is this different? Shame on that school for not standing their ground in order to protect their students and shame on anyone who supports this.

Yes, he has the right to wear it. He could have even worn an anti african american tshirt with the same freedom deal, but the backlash would have been muuuuuuch worse.
Once there’s more support for the LGBT community such actions will come with harsher penalties.

on a personal note, he’s kinda cute… too bad he’s so narrow minded. Perhaps one day when he’s wiser and knows better he’ll be a little more tolerant.

Is it legal? Sure. Should they allow it? I don’t know. I guess so. I mean, it’s kind of like wearing Anti-african american shirts. It is discriminatory. It could very well be considered offensive to LGBTQ students. Do I think that’s right? Hell no. It’s an interesting question. But it’s just a shirt. As long as they aren’t bullying, or hurting anyone, especially no one specific, I suppose it technically should be aloud. But I think that’s sick.

As much as I and many others don’t agree with the message, it is entirely within his first amendment rights to wear and sell/distribute those shirts (as long as he’s just stating his disapproval, not making threats or inciting violence). Still, if I went to that school, I would start wearing and making counter-statement shirts: like, the most flamboyantly brightly colored rainbow shirts imaginable with pro-LGBTQ messages on them.

he looks like he’ll be on &quot:broke straight boys&quot: in about a year

its sad that hate speech propaganda is allowed, I’m sure if kids were wearing swastikas or anti-religious clothing it would be a different story

or how bout shirts showing guns killing students?

Do they have the right to wear those shirts? Absolutely.

Is it morally right to wear those shirts? Absolutely NOT.

See, we can’t restrict freedom of speech based on whether or not the statement offends people.

That should not be allowed whether you are pro gay or not. If you look at it in a religious way its sorta violating the rules. :/ Considering its kinda in the bible about gayness. (So I’m told) If it effects the students then that isn’t right. 🙁

It’s his freedom of speech, he’s welcome to do it.

I bet a bunch of people at his school think he’s a complete dick for doing it, though.

(And if he says he’s sold 12, he’s probably sold 2.)

That is school sanctioned bullying and I would take them all to court.

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