Is your dog &quot:breed racist&quot:?

So I just wanted to see what other people’s experiences have been.

My dog is breed racist – he is very wary about German Shepherds and Boxers. He was dominated by a GSD when he was younger, then an aggressive one 2 doors down from me is always foaming at the mouth by his wrought iron fence at my dog then he was attacked by 2 Boxers.

Now he meets a GSD or Boxer and he is very cautious on how to approach them. He will be fine with them until they show one ounce of aggression and then he is trying to be the boss. Doesn’t have this issue with any other kind of dog at all.

Any explanations for this? Any experiences with this? Share!

Ha! I could not believe what I just read, when I saw your question!!!
I jokingly tell everyone my dog is breed racist too!!

She has had two seperate incidents recently involving staffies.
The first was when someone was showing me her new young 1 year old staffie and my dog was recovering from an accident where she injured her neck and shoulder in a fall. The young staffie in its friendly enthusiasm jumped on her (they were both on lead, but he was lightning quick), it obviously hurt her. After that, she never liked that staffie much at dog training (she tolerates her only).

Then I began agility training some time later and there was a different staffie in my class. She happily said hello to all the dogs in the class, until we got to the staffie (again both were on lead) which lauched itself on her (in a friendly, although very over enthusiastic way). She had the same reation as the first time – didn’t even want to say hello. The poor staffie, none of the dogs in the class like her because she is very rough and seems to have no concept of the words &quot:slow or gentle&quot:.

But ever since then, whenever Nina meets an enthusiastic staffie or similar type, she won’t play and isnt friendly like she is with every other dog she meets. It is obvious she just doest like them. Not scared or aggressive. Just obvious sort of body language. She will wrestle and rough house with all my friends dogs. But not the staffie. So I call her racist too! Although I don’t really blame her, and it hasn’t been a problem, it was just unfortunate that first time that she was sore.

Also I should say she is the total reverse with GSD’s – Several of my friends have GSD’s so she has grown up playing with them. If she sees a GSD anywhere anytime, she gets so over excited – she thinks it must automatically be a friend! (she becomes the over-bearing over-friendly one that they don’t like – lol). We always joke that she thinks she is one! Her best friend in the world is a GSD named Polly. Polly is totally obsessed about playing with Nina too. We think it is because Polly grew up as a puppy with my friends other dog which was a gorgeous Dobe (he was much older and died before my girl ever got to really be friends with him).

So my Dobe is obsessed with GSD’s, but doesn’t like Staffies and my friends GSD is obsessed with Dobes. Quite funny, but very obviously stemmed from the way the dog initially looks, even before meeting them.

My dog isn’t breedist exactly, but he plays much more roughly with certain breeds- usually bully breeds. This usually isn’t a problem, unless the owner is over protective of their dog and mistakes rough play for dangerous fighting. There is one bulldog in particular who provokes my dog to play at the park- charges up to him, bows, nips his heels, etc., but when my dog goes to play, or grabs some neck skin, the owner completely freaks out and says my dog is hurting hers. It’s super difficult to try and tell my dog no, and pull him away while hers is still trying to play. Stupid owners suck!

It seems like your dog just learned to associate those breeds with fear, just like he could have with anything else (My dog won’t go in the basement- he’s a rescue, so it leads me to think he has had negative experiences with basements). From your name I’d guess your dog’s a dobe- they’re a very brave breed and I would be surprised if he acted on fear or insecurity by backing down. He’s probably just dealing with the fear the way he knows how- by being a tough guy!

Sorry I don’t know any good fixes other than to try and get your dog to safely have good experiences with those breeds.

Good Luck!

Well, I wouldn’t say Alfred is &quot:breed racist&quot:, I’d say other dogs are &quot:breed racist&quot: when they see HIM… I don’t know why, but, when Alfred shows up, some dogs, specially smaller than him, tender to hide themselves behind their owners’ legs. One day, Alfred met a BC. The dog was super excited and ran in circles around him. That was the first time Alfred was afraid. He slowly began to quiver away. I guess it scared him the prespective of a dog even more hyper than him.

Tilly yes, she is &quot:breed racist&quot: about my neighbours’ Chihuahua. Everytime I’m in an elevator with the girl and her little spoiled rat, the thing begins barking and Tilly nearly leaps to my arms in fear, while she hates breeds with short muzzles, such as Bulldogs, Boxers and pugs, because they sometimes breath a bit strange, and I guess Tilly finds it scary.

Well, my German Shepherd/Husky mix actually doesn’t show any aggression towards certain dogs, but she does FAVOR German Shepherds and Huskies! She gets very submissive towards these breeds and sits down and licks their faces for GSDs and rolls over for Huskies. It’s almost as if she knows she is a mix of those two breeds!

Add: I know this one guy who says his Basset Hound/Bulldog mix doesn’t like German Shepherds. He won’t let him play with Sasha because he says the dog will cause a fight.

Also, my dog loves little dogs.

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By their nature, dogs are pack animals with a well-defined social order. Through basic training, you need to consistently make sure your puppy understands that you are the leader, not him. So in teaching him the basic rules, you take on the role of pack leader.

To fit into the family circle, your dog must be taught to recognize his name and such commands as come, heel, lie down and sit.

certainly any toy breed. Boxers curiously (i’ve got seen 2 posts on that on the instant). Labs besides. Aussies. i’ve got seen ‘teacup papillons’ (those have been a actual rip off because of the fact they have been easily the comparable length as my stunning canines, in ordinary terms a merchandising element by utilising a foul breeder). Goldens too. Saint Bernards…. i won’t be able to think of of something. ETA: Pocket beagles. Mini aussies and Klee Kais are easily arguable with reference to the legitimacy. Aussies to me have 2 very different varieties- particularly under the standard Aussies that are organic Aussies that appear as if Aussies and then the breeders utilising shleties, cockers, papillons to reproduce all the way down to mini and toy Aussies. To me there are 2 communities. One is obviously irreputable the different falls interior the grey section for me.

I was on another forum where this was discussed. It was an interesting read.

My dog is wary of black dogs, especially if they are larger than herself. When she was a couple of years old a black mix dog was loose in our neighborhood and went for her. She was not hurt, but she was terrified. Now she is leary of any large black dog. I am not sure what her earliest socialization was (she was adopted around 4-6 mnths of age, best guess). Her dog reading abilities are, I would guess, limited.

So does that make her a poor judge of dog character? Can she not see the &quot:expression&quot: of the black dogs, so it makes it even harder for her to read? I would say for her probably a combination of the two.

My dog doesn’t really have issues with any dog apart from the chihuahua that lives next door.. whenever it comes out and starts barking my dog looks for cover. He hates it as much as i do i think..

He ignores other dogs for the most part and will let other dogs approach him and sniff him and do the whole ‘doggy greeting’… when it is a dog bigger than him he has to be the one to get the first sniff in. That’s the only real difference in behavior i have observed when he is interacting with other dogs.

My dogs are not necessarily breed racist, but they do tend to enjoy a lot more, the company of their own kind. They get a long better with other Chihuahua’s, even if the Chihuahua’s do not belong to me…the reaction is different with another Chihuahua than it is with any other breed &amp: no it’s not all in my head. I do believe 100% that some breeds are capable of recognizing their own kind, the Chihuahua being one of those breeds.

I also had a Pit Bull years ago who hated Weimaraners.

I’m sure this will get me TD, but oh well, it doesn’t change my experiences or opinion.

I have a Standard Dachshund and usually when he meets a Husky or Malamute or anything similar, he rolls onto his back quickly. At the dog park I think he kind of excites their prey drive and they tend to chase him and mouth the back of his neck. They’re never aggressive and dont’ hurt him, I think they just like the chase. He’s learned this and just flops over til they’re done sniffing him.

I don’t know if he recognizes other Dachshunds, but he’s only ever met one other one, a miniature, and he went CRAZY for him.

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