Is it racist if I’m not physically attracted to White men?

I just don’t know what people would see in them tbh, like Hollywood stars and stuff, they all just seem unattractive to me. I was looking at Bradely Cooper because they were calling him hot on t.v but I just don’t know… I’ve liked men in every other race though, I like Latinos, Asians, Black guys, Indians, Middle Eastern men, etc, but never any White guys. I don’t find them attractive fsr. is this racist though?

Nope 🙂 you’re just not attracted to white guys lol. I’m white and I like all races, and I have friends who like Asians but not Africans… Who you’re attracted to is your business, but racism would be more like telling all white guys that they’re ugly just because they’re white. That type of thing.

It’s OK to be not attracted, but there is a difference between not attracted and hating. As long as you don’t hate them, wish them all dead in some type of cleansing or enslaving them type of world scenario. If you feel you can be friends, work with, and live along side by side as neighbors… then I wouldn’t say you were prejudice or racist.

No, i’m not attracted to white girls. I don’t think it’s racist.

It could be if your only reason for not liking them and if you are talking about all white guys is because they are white and for no other reason.While it is perfectly okay to not like some people within any particular ethnic group for something they have done to you,it becomes racist if you hate all the people from that ethnicity just because of their ethnic affliliation.Consider this scenario: what if someone among the group you like was to say that they would not date you just because you are black and not because you have done anything wrong ,just because you are black:how would you feel? That is what you have here.

No ur Not .. I am Not attracted to Black Chicks .. So Same Boat I am Male and Some people prefer a Certain Kind Of Person .. Not Racist U Just Like That Kind Of Person ..

Absolutely not! You have your preference. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’m sure you don’t think that every Indian guy is attractive, or that every black guy is attractive, but that doesn’t mean you are prejudiced. A pretty face is a pretty face to whomever is looking at it. And an ugly face is an ugly face to whomever is looking at it.

If I was a white guy not attracted to a certian race that would be racist. But in your case you just don’t like white guys.

no i dont think its racsist because everyone has their tastes in men or women so i think ur totally fine! what would be racist if you were to shout form the roof top and be like i hate white men they suck they need to go die!!! but u arent doing that so im sure you are fine! dont worry about it!!!! and i personally think bradley cooper needs a haircut!!!! and also i saw the hangover 2 today and DONT GO SEE IT! it was really bad… just saying!

Nope! I’m white and I am not attracted to white men at all. I basically like all the same types of guys as you. My boyfriends Arab though (yay haha).

People that are darker have more striking features in my opinion. I never liked blonde hair or blue eyes.

No, you can’t control who you are attracted to and I think most people prefer certain races over another in terms of physical attraction.

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